Little Metal

Pulling strings in the grass
The kingdom of bugs crawls across my knee
Across the wood too
To listen
I don’t bother shooing them away
While renaissance pilots fly
Rocketing steam white exhaust
The path of sword’s blade
Against the face of the moon
Across the deep of the blue
A dragonfly stops still in time
As if molded of cedar, cypress and pine
He’s landed near a book I’ve misplaced
Since last week
(At least a few days)
And the words on the page
Intoxicate me like a wine
That melts the world away
Pulling strings in the grass
Watching the trees
An aphid, he’s my friend
He’s watching me with sight-see antennae eyes
I’m watching him too…
Raven in the morning confronts the silence
With a bark
And all falls silent after him
The voice of a man who’s been alone
The voice of a lost woman saying hello
A young boy rests the rifle on his shoulder
Eyes locked upon the large, rounded seashell horns
Of a ram
I’ve been the hidden boy
And I’ve been the man
I’ve been the ram
And I’ve been the bullet
I’ve been as heartless as stone thrown in the face of man
And I have buried the dead with pity
Love in my heart
My misty eyes…
Pulling strings in the grass…
One young girl can’t be but, 22
Sits somewhere her family can’t find her anymore
Surrounded by white concrete
Watching faces in the stone
She got some tea
The Watchers gave her to calm down
But she’s plucking out the staple from the green teabag
She ain’t nothing but, 22
Too young
Curled in a bed so she was hidden
Cut her wrist with that little metal
Dead when the morning came


Queen Bee 2

My ol’ baby won’t be satisfied
Until I’m broken down and tired
My baby don’t look at me with those eyes
Until I’m crying
She’s by my side
My ol’ baby won’t be satisfied
Rooster calling in the backyard,
I can tell by the chill
In the bed that you are gone
She told me she was leaving
Told me she wanted to go – oho
Oh she said she wanna leave – ehh
Said she wanna go to Pheonix
I’m gonna call old Joe come midnight
Cut the brakes to her automobile
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The road to Pheonix is…
Oh my darling
Is a windy, twisted, hill
I whispered in the sheets
When I crawled next to her in the nighttime
Baby please don’t go, my darling don’t leave me
I don’t wanna see you take the wheel
Don’t leave me here
Don’t hurt my pride
I woke up in the morning that poor car was gone
Sugar the twisted road to Pheonix won’t carry you long
I gotta leave this place…
Find the ghost of my woman
She told me she was leaving that night
I called the man old Joe
And nothing stayed the same

Queen Bee

Sir I heard the rooster calling
He was coughing out a name
The man was struck by lightning
And nothing stayed the same
The way he looked at his woman
Made her sit down and shiver

A rooster called the man’s name
And the fog was of the morning
In the untroubled morning, unchanged,
I heard the rooster cough a name
Saw a lonely car driving away

Green Stick

The runner aligns in my rearview mirror
The road causes a mirage in the blue heat
I want to spread my wings and leave my shoes there
With the flowers beside the road
It is easy to write a song – laugh
And remember Ravi Shankar
The moon lies
It looks brand new to all newborn eyes
“You share or you don’t play.”

Rosemary Vibrant


It’s like a dirty rain a
Shimmering silver shadow
I myself seek love
Inside of myself I am at sea
I am organic happening outside
Of this body
In the mind, I go home
Of the world, I am alone
A crow lands on electrical wire
A woodpecker, to the corner of a white van
Crow draws his calculus from tree to tree and
Woodpecker disappears
I gave her presents when she didn’t want them