Headlines (Date: N/A)

U.S. Navy ships dock in Cam Ranh Bay, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Amid Vietnamese maritime disputes with China
Developing military ties with U.S. Obama lifting lethal
Weapons ban on sales
In Vietnam
Taiwan faces pressures and checks from Beijing
Major oil discoveries in North Alaska
German groups look to rebuild Iran’s railway
Juan Felipe Herrera
Clinton relationships with Goldman Sachs

The U.S. involvement in Syria
While Russia has voiced support for Assad
And his regime
Both countries have supposedly not allowed humanitarian aid into the country
The U.S. is weary of directly striking Syrian targets in order to avoid entering tensions with Russia.
To offset this hesitance our country now entertains ideas of:
“Providing more lethal weapons to CIA vetted rebels”
Russia builds advances navy in the arctic to closely rival NATO’s technology
What poem was read in Germany
By Jan Bohmermann which insulted the president of Turkey?
Erdogan tries to ban the poem
The United States backs Afghan fighters in Kunduz against the Taliban
Talks in Brussels of supplying support to Afghanistan through 2020
The Pope visits Amatrice after ‘quake
Britain seeking to cut numbers of people coming into their country for work and study from non-European Union countries
Duerte seeks closer ties with China and Russia
Calls for the finalization of military drills involving personnel from America
To establish more independence


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