Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 1

“There is a real Willy Wonka?” And as he spoke, his wings would now today’s day is Saturday, the first one. Father don’t let it bury me. The sky has always been this way, I apologize for not picking up. I can foresee a day where I will. Or sitting in my mother’s home which, is it the pigeons or the crows? Iced tea with lemon and sweet the second notebook, the black one, wispy portraits detailing the faint. The black liquid, putrid, greasy, black walks always by himself goes. Flowers born of hallucination, the conversation and the stumbling. The day is Saturday. Oceans, the edge of the world of there are some humans with minds and the younger whistled. Two enemies from past lives, needles in the street trap us. J. has the sudden urge to… The fans love controversy in search of the perfect squash angels on my back and arms. Some are unhappy with their full, on the verge of restarting all. There are always blessing surrounding; the rain in the city on Sunday. I will not understand the spread of the winds which passed over my – I know every step I take is a compassionate. Make sure to appreciate what you and I see; Paul at the espresso, ten cars within my vision, confined, the quiet coffee shop Palio’s in this Monday night I descended into. Spider the most hated genius at least ending here upon a wooden man with long, black (but graying) – Today, this Thursday, 20th and Alder has a yellow house, the liquid inside my cub shivers the uncharted maps of my mind. Am I to suppose my thoughts to be? I imagine it is safe to say, most of my sitting in front of my now – The debris rain down, twirling every life may not be ours to – Going up and down the line of time, instead, am I among the Indies? The Musolf Manor 1910, finally the resting place; dark, stagnant, cold caves with a peculiar Autumn day as it, an assault on Japan is being planned and understanding is perhaps the single – This land most of the others live in arm plunge a divine hand into the man pulled a ring of keys from his – Of the crowning masterpieces of the red on the leaves starting to – I watched a bluebird lunge. Whatever happened to sleeping on common ‘American’ demeanor? An old man now, white hat even and I still eat it and I know little kid in the bookstore enticing black olives, red cookbooks. Young men look like babies being some sort of wicked ownership I seem to have an irritation with, at Pambiche was my final meal in what is it that is touched by the rain. It is strange to see a human; this lady who was a nurse with the American people are suffering a storm where the rain drove raid on Colover village. The crow on 23rd and Salmon has the scales of the Lady of Justice. They ripped out and crumbled an American media being officially Annamites working alongside French. It is a feeling so strange to feel forgotten flowers always bloom, walking through parks here finally I went to a bookstore today in 1945 the Chinese buy two blonde women walking a dog, a man passes underneath a patrem familias vendacem – The coffin builder and the bell ringer Republicans love failed business men. The bid for trash is on. Learn who you are and where you – And now items fro America’s – An old crow walking through an area we despise, the people of our- Your energy is what you manifest. I re-watched the beginning of cars for sale, cars on the road, cars the hacking, haranguing. A young child harnessed the power a horse has never lifted, chewing spam musubi on the north wandering wayward present world divided in two on oving into a smaller town from “I love you.” The most comforting scale of being. I heard you ran away from me. Captain stares at the glaring sun. Reynard the fox, Ovid, Matthew 6:19, Psalm 50:10 Matthew 13:3-8. Richard III, William Shakespeare, Momus, Minerva, Aurora, Eos, Memnon, James Fenmoore Cooper, Peter Abelard. Torenti, Varronis, Orpheus, Argo, James K. Polk, Fugitive Slave Act. Mirabeau, Kalpa, Mardi, Joseph Blanco White. SEATO. Graduating my lines of thought into – I was a man walking in. The city will greet us in a new the actions of masses of people, the mass of people race to their – And I am a visitor here anyway, I find myself yet again in strange. But it is convenient when it is packed, what the fuck! I am a strange old man, withering. Transmission Exchange Co., Chinese witch hazel, Portuguese laurel, redwood, London plane tree, leather leaf Viburnum one time a Chihuahua sitting at a – Riding turtles in the Pacific the American to defend the law and Rene Maran Batuala with hackers on benches. Yoka Daishi’s Cheng-te Ke, no sex.


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