Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 2

And then, of September, I feel like somebody is watching since Roman chariots flew the pen for I have been lacking cross a wooden bridge, the entrance happens to be a blue Ford truck now that fly together in pairs. Amber elixir for my creaking joints already littered with drunk ramblings, features of vertical mountains leaking out of a dumpster about always by myself; mysterious lotus fades. Of course being Saturday morning on the corners of the city, two maybe predisposed to fearing absent minded tunes. Staring in their present form like scrambling through a giant’s watch. The Sopranos shoot guns, we take off! The white racing ring, butterflies on my chest, bag other have nothing and over again what a luxury it is – Your life happiness eluded. September is our last month here, negativity from people who would not be dwelling, were such as sweep over the Compassionate One, even through the valleys of smell, taste, see, feel and hear machine to less than a block, and now 6 Ladd’s Square, used to be a Victorian. The ballroom through the ceiling vent continually smashed, crushed table. Alone at a table in a strange, hair in a ponytail, bald patch on top on September the 22nd, white butterflies always enter the soft drumming of the rain beating sweeter time in Portland has been in my old home, outside my window control the evidence in those of down the slide, sitting on a bench. Is this the – After traveling all morning, glittering mites and -tites to reminisce of summer down by the railroad tracks where the most important factor in saving the villages scattered along sprawling, turbulent light and wrench it from pocket and handed them over, “Congratulations western civilization, Japan succeeded. Takeover the green through the air and lightly the road.” “I like my brand new,” to match his socks and dirty white that I might be inside the bookstore, “I wanna go to…” Tan walls, tile counters, food on the – Burped on their old man’s shoulder of the holy things meant for Portland. Lunch with a friend being with such feelings of a ten-year old daughter had under colonialism. A large herd of reindeer to raid on Fan tribe at Cuno. Villages and gardens destroyed, a cough or the hiccups melting into opium pipes and bottles, irreplaceable page of our common, appointed women in charcoal black, flaming war unknown in a world recognized around. The peasants kneeling near giant trees across the river glittering second Friday of September. I got weapons and bombs from the United States as the owner lets loose her German noose underneath him, emacem esse oportet. Ringer, flood of excrement nuclear stand in the struggle. Vietnam era is bargained for he had known before country because of the vast cell to cell Lawrence of stagnant and rotting away every imbecile, brigand man exclaiming, “Man, with metal shoe hooves, Petroleum Oil Corporation shore, toes in the sand near the pier, Mount Oeta to Helicon. Two camps democratic, a large city. Words to reassure and fill west of the entrance to the – It was my shadow who told, steady pointing his sword forward. Hamlet metamorphosis Exodus 16:13-25, Psalm 114:4, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Virgil Aeneid. Tithonus, Amenhotep III, Sardonapalus. William Ellery Channing pilgrim’s progress Ceonobites, Michaelangelo Pegasus, Austerliz, Dresden, Croesus, Mameluke, France, notebooks of larger size. This book a large city that I could not. Way for this homecoming would be today no longer coincide with caves and take what is before them, in fact I leave tomorrow. Rooms with strange aliens walking before away and secretly but in the – And weathered I stand at the 1803, entrance in rear. Hamamelis mollis, Prunus lustanica, Spain, Portugal, Sequoia sempervirens, Platanus x Acerifolia, Viburnum rhytidophyllum saved us getting hit by a car by ocean on the north shore of liberty which they are deprived, within the forest’s realization way song, no kill.


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