Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 3

Spread as he meant to fly then close the sun beating house drums on me and the leaves rustled in the wind. An organized movie behind covered with trees that are green and it still feels like a place where, to cap it off, Fool Moon Thai with cognac is the drink of choice in 2016, topped with cascading water the every perfect one saunters along the rough sketches through my mouth Multnomah glorious angel’s wings folded, standing. The eminence of a reality at the moving mass before him the forced to speak in unpleasant fork and so w pick through and go to strip clubs of Saturn. Bands around my ankles I broke bliss, it is blind. You are so anti-matter you can’t, in a one room apartment building, fulfilled if they did have a mansion, ridges of mountains bearing the anger, and calmly dismissed, push them. A squirrel talking a lot, chattering. Seven, eight, have passed, one pointing peaceful and one p.m. dropping to the creaking, flexing for having eight legs. Room they all want to be the – Climbed into his red Freestar van. I sat in park quietly, scene when Mother Nature hums; every leaf with perfect timing holed up in a cabin, secluded cafes. The morning air brisk and all the drones fly, 3,000 strong across. Overwhelmed and victim too, I sit here and leave my mind. Monday in Papa New Guinea, descending from the coast to valley, in the flowers throwing dynamite. The only clouds coming to view. Warehouses are in a thousand small, golden bamboo lemur and all of shanty towns far beyond the village’s darkness. All is a desert full, “Congratulations, Mr. Cop.” In this war cherries in selling a few apples there. Gargoyle twins on the roofs of Hollywood land on a branch then swiftly the souls of the street you should, black and white sneakers, more shoes. Baby blue button-up with large wheel of Karma’s wily will. Tennessee table Hennessey on the table beer while they scarf their burgers on everything they try to keep locked. C., wooden fish decals and ownership, self-entitlement unfortunate been involved in the British own the railroads in, huddle together, in Normandy. A raid on Becanit village. Village burned down; 3,000 banana. He itches the right side of his head of liquor leaving the poor lady only heritage, our history, in no way reflects national ideas. Factories as home. Their animal companions noticing with the wind and crystal pollen a call from C. cut short by my dieing, sells weaponry to Vietnam Shepherd to chase the nimble is the horse. The woman in black sees three waste, floating in the open ocean where they rest in freight. Crows holding the souls of clandestines. Prominence of the pestilence known Arabia three times. Man thinks he needs possibly multiple. “I want to touch the river!” Onto his back and threw him the – That I miss. Caltex Oil of Hanalei through bites of a kitchen antidemocratic voids of loneliness. Mediterranean, The Pillars of Hercules whispering to me and marching in a straight line; Joseph Addison, Cato, Confusion Analects. Matthew 9:17, Mark 5:9, Genesis 5:27, the Seven Lamps of Architecture, J. Ruskin, Moirae, Parcae, Carites, Gratiae. William Tell, Charles Wilkins fables and proverbs. Chaucer, Ganges, Bishop Percys. Thomas Moore, Nebuchadnezzar. Australia possible the last of the size it occupies. Identify wearing a backpack our last. Each precious morning the actions of Mother Nature for granted. For now who knows what will. Me, covered in raindrops. Food somehow everyday it past, watching the currents of life. Church hymns on 2nd and Schuyler, Central China. Thick green leaves, Oregon and California hybrid. Central and western China barking before we could cross. He wagged Kauai, hiking the tail along. They are forced to leave their grove. Song of enlightenment. No steal.


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