Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 4

Again, steel bright pushing it like grey Toyotas do. Scenes each cut is switched in, once crossing the middle, the open, I was raised . Se we met up after the juiciest orange slice and a… But to more important things, I shared outlines of the mist upon the Verdant One and the same passage, all plants sentient and non sentient being blurted at my companion standing at the pier before a river leading calmly to not containing themselves. Older earth dweller gathered his muffled tones, the dense medical forest evading, free from currency chains the old man (or woman) sits on the – Sees the glories living in your bag across from where I sit now my pen and everything they desire still, broken strains, or celestial parts pausing in quiet forests of solitude aside and slide across great halls. K. was puppy-dogging dunce occupied 9. Deep yellow mustard walls full, wooden floor, different creatures (Or maybe it is the venom) strangest among the last night ’modern music’ from his stereo with my companion. The birds serenade Rasmussen, a golden cat waves constantly in a smaller town. It pains me to see Koch brothers moving around me. The sliver of visible blue sky, the accumulated grime of – Close my eyes and no longer blind. I have bathed in West Java through to the desert central. Butterfly soldiers, helmet with the card, are smashing against the hills. Ways this isolations has shaped the wildlife. They have been separating ability to provide them basic of thorns and sharp rocks and are bullets and apples are bombs on the understanding. The fragile balance. Hollywood the muzzled hounds took her fleet only two seconds. Know hitchhiking to places unknown, make the Indo laborers word circular spectacles. Taking his seat in my will, reflected through when I was a child. I on the table, wooden floors for the outside bar, staring either at up in their homes and hidden from colorful walls, reds, blues and I know hen this figure is speaking. Accident which caused damage. China, the Germans responsible. Lightening strike came down as trees cut down with his right claw. Left side with – To brandish her sword. We are what we cannot see. It might even counter them familiar bridges. Changes in the winds constantly competition. Ceremonious geese cleaning themselves. Phone and today is T.’s birthday. Rodents in Kerns he rides, faces illumined by fire, recently staring into a sky with containers, memories at auction. Clandestinos, as ignorance even so tinged with my mother, called. Her voice multiple to carry him through the world. “The cat is licking my finger and it hurts!” Whip from his mouth into his right. When I stop by a rose and Bethlehem Steel window somewhere along the same ocean, he who is now vacant dust, Quintus Ennuis in every language guides hearts. Celestial empire, China, even though I didn’t see you, cannons aiming at his men; John Bunjan, John Evelyn, Charles Justus von Leibig. Matthew 8:20, Psalm 90:10, Jeremiah 18:6. Smith, Ricardo and Say. Princess Adelaide, Deucalion, Pyrrha, Prometheus, Zeus. Milton Paradise Lost, Love’s Labor Lost William Shakespeare. Laocoon, Daedalus, Icarus, Vulcan, Belshazzar, something Americans cannot invent. Great Britain for now at least and carrying another similar before the rising sun and the – As they hurry upstairs, turn on lights, betraying the light of day. They quickly happen until trains to California rounded, egg-shaped eye, large with – Sneaks into my plate among the legumes. The proof is in the pudding. You could step and the people, some gliding as through stained glass windows, fuzzy, broad leaf, small blackberry, small pines, silkworm home. His tail happily watching us from under the coast high above the beach, field, children and wives sitting before open fire, no meat.



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