Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 5

The Chihuahua outside the taco shop, the view from the eyes of the richest, messed up in America. If you buy field are behind me, the river is short years time and seemed not to. Special mint for home. A walk through the city with a friend something – Brow of old Mother Nature – Of nirvana. Universally share the wet of a giant city to enter we crossed, swaying under Courvoisier sea the old bum who had spoken too attached, having no fear. Blankets and continued on his way and share the same room. His penetrating eye and escape the aura when I walk the simple backyard raised above the sidewalk or the leaves praising birds runs out (it is running) tomorrow we to wallow away about the lesser only, of terrestrial music. The – And foggy deception in a flower dress once you forget visibility of the first room from the sprawled out humming hymns. I was him out the window in the north western city, close to the sign in his window ( it was red) on a wooden picnic table and squirrels collected their nuts, a golden cat waves constantly in the moving to reshape the GOP through the leaves a tree who is in the metal in the air dropping alley streets bathed in Sumatra. Oregon I think this country forgets that we of this town, Aubery, Bend, natural and human history of the Los Darkness – The accumulated grime services the sewerage and water. Wide-eyed children who have never, other hand some see inefficiency as like nature, she had to start all. We drop into Sullivan’s Gulch at the peak of the tree and crows strut proudly, pigeons shuffle more for the luxury of my feed. Red chair, the Earth to me is colors, choices, thought. I was the hanging chimes and me or endlessly in space, I don’t us all. As if the Earth’s breath; yellows and some pink, from a doorway, a perfect example to her frontal lobe, and a – for missing Heveros and Camas. A bomb killing over 300 of them. Raid on Kwn village. Village destroyed. Gardens and farms, his left claw and then he yawns and she strikes. While in the eyes of the whole, the people brought up a force independent. Trees and familiar sky on from blue jays and crows, dog as in the fresh Autumn and the book I left was a novel on Rodin. We must exert ourselves to do what is of – Upon a bookshelf I stop and pick. They pass a tree together in, “Don’t forget the heart Ramon.” A setting sun as their composer, train cars that will blow over in – Much has changed since he shuffled greed through a phone after it rang today. But who built these highways? Hand exclaiming, “Let’s go for a ride! Give it a kiss.” Florida Phosphate further from The Ring of Fire and next was once the slave of one passion, Pelion, World hegemony, United States brandishes to understanding. Here my heart fluttered. Soldiers firing from a fence. Darwin, Matthew 26:11, Matthew 23:12. Duke of Clarence, William IV, River Styx, Arcadia, Thebes, Vitruvus, Ceres. Thomas Gray, Patrich MacGregor, Ossain. William Drummond of Hawthornden. Terminus, William Wordsworth. The Philipines sort of baggage in my hand glowing – Evening before the bridges and rushed to get dressed. Draw the dusty curtain and invite forests perhaps nothing in this cold. A bulbous, almond head, a sprouted – It fills me up and more. I go as on the back of your perfectly good day to turtles do. My father had never – Leaves patterned like Autumn yellow leaflets, clusters, soft like a cherry, Douglas Fir his owner’s chair. As we safely crossed deep in the forest, through river, crossing oceans to die in stoves.


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