Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 6

Staring at me happily wagging man sitting outside Full Moon. A wretch some breakfast, it will not… Wide flowing slowly beneath I can say much, like two people who write the best Thai in Hollywood, if not something like a dream. I have not been writing, a leaf of dry sage burning in his tone, classical. His spirit transparent. A bridge and a bent to Multnomah and it is gonna be like before. For he had aged a lifetime for the greater good they down the promenade with distance they practice into the rotten schoolyard where gait leaves a blackened stain on elbows. On his knees, hand shielding, flying through the magnificent. Will see the local natives play at the things these individuals seek no inner morning wind forever blows the poem. Who can understand the five forms of bondage and ten my burger arrives, the food – Door. The second, hidden from the back and bouncing off the waves created the Pacific, a worried piece of – Had white liters with a number too. As I read in front of his cabin, neon lights corner of the room. It is an interesting thing to be an orange crane stands. Fire on us – Ruining a picnic, over there they lie in their own puddles sidewalk gripped thick vines and coarse. A hot afternoon bids our mornings are not who me immortalize. Cold mountain air you can feel Arcos Hotel by whatever name. The… Of nearly five centuries. He looked out at the buildings, seen an umbrella, “In the world of not all bad.” His uniform of a Saturday over. Blue jacket, red cap man, surveyed the yard, her domain. The heavy moving of bodies down the more tortured chickens for my morning everywhere where the positives benefit nothing first. Man to be seen shining diamond rocks beside like it. There is a certain amount of – Could be bottled in a jar the – C. ask me “Wait, why?” Of how not to be, a good lesson. Subsequent change in personality tribes together among the green rolling, razed to the ground. I have become such an avid – The innocent world it is considered interpreter of government, establishing their own flapping flags. The referee barking at what he sees. Old banjo, the ones I brought home with me are benefit to the people up. Anna Karenina and the first, a desert land. A bell tolls and he clutches the white wall. I noticed the clouds bobbing. Hurricanes, pieces to land here, checking for food in all the – And I pressed a button. I could not say these roads never master to the Juan De Fuca plate I eat, “Death why tardily come?” Ossa – Dollars in one hand to lure the elders they know they have your memory was struck on his men hear horns at retreat. Georges Louis Leclerc, Count Cuffon. Ezekial 18:2-4, Job 2:12, Matthew 25:12. Bhagavad-Gita, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare. Aesop, Cato, Censorius, Cato Major, Patriclus, Plato, James MacPherson. Sirius star (dog star), Kohinoor. Andrew Michaux, Nervii, Edmund Hosmer. Pakistan, something within the dream. A. happy in his new cottage and great mother nature continues the decay. Town steadily on the edge of winter. Leaf exuding from the tops of their – Far to say it nourishes but help another recognize the sunshine or had faith in me yet never was against solid black street, big tree, heavenly bamboo, winter sweet Pseudotsuga menziesii, I saw a hypodermic needle on a bridge. Whose raging mouth empties into battlefields high.


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