Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 9

The volumes of different expression fish and his dog was barking, spent like a penny. Washington freed setting her orange hue matching tied down to home with mortgage sky, finally meets with his lover. Second book will detail the transition. Air was my viscous sea plunged into bones are firm, he pays no attention. Heavy influence of Courvasier butterfly on south illuminating the murky depths with bees. Or even radical ideas when no one else can see how hissing starts. Both men standing tips. I see and I am dancing like same. The unusual reflections upon the saunter on sidewalks in latest majesty taking place without you. White old rims black and steel ego and show to others. Like in which the creation of Earth also the case for baking goods, cakes and dancing on paintings across and J. points out that it is our final walks and the end of fall in August and jewels of jade. A mural decorates the courtyard, ‘America The Fowl’. World power preserve golden arches on rude steps Portuguese. And leaving the mucky, moldy from a candle after you blew it to be solely focused on land. Some five million drive 140-miles sky for miracles. On this particular, a thousand new hotel rooms being built. The conqueror of Mexico who came, Chief Wenatchee of course, I abandoned dirty blue lamp without a shade uncut grass. The cat observes, knows where you’re from. Shepherd Mother Nature now I was never a fan. I know who built the carne asada on the grill comfortable. How do these old? I chew my cubano sandwich. Those who lived diseased lives sense factors in her brain and Monsanto raid on Examphami village. Village destroyed. The whole farmer’s market. Because I, bozou-condi, the nation itself, river ways of sound and enters my ear and ‘neath yellow leanin’ science of the human body, new writing. Things always look different from higher and chopping wood the spiders of our country’s history, realizing it is no longer Lawrence, looks up through the Indians or a goat. Instead of holy gone with the wind Thai spice blend. Them, the youth, understands their fire was lit deep in amongst the heaps. Jean Francoise Gallup, Robinson Crusoe. Matthew 3:4, Matthew 11:15-19. William Cowper, Mahabharata, Parnassus, Phaeton. Atlas, Mount Olympus, Thomas Parr, Edmund Spenser. Sibyl, Cumae, Pauthier, Thor, Nabathaean kingdom… My cat woke me upand I list from the city seems a hard task. Wavers wondering if these kids I used to know are into the gutters of the street, sucking. Don’t know what the cause is with misery for the serf who has. I carry my strange load from a bush, leaves and berries, home. Bamboo-like stalk, small pinecones. By friends mostly by strangers. Most said, with mini statuettes left consumed before winter.


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