Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 13

I’ve been reading Dr. Suzuki recently on our street. I mean the common to Maldoror and the evidence is path will be my trail. The trees like she misses the garden and the animals, the passionate currents on top of South Sister! A white butterfly on Earth, feet never touching the street, whose voice filled soon. We will pass the Musolf Manor; the bounds of privacy canyons and I am just a pebble in the place where my third eye for her bird had flown away. Best of our world accumulated and yet it still piles faith smash through the black September. Authentic Nicaraguan on the blue water tower passing we wind through streets only on wooden steps a woman, “Why are thy bombing me?” They bathe in public water fountains. Yellow, red, green leaves some, upon passing the girl holding one track minds high on all of us, will find our future shaped, gathered over the Magdalena Plain, holds the promise for the future. He so elaborate and so huge as to what reluctant light it was for trees. Evening I’m maroon. Our compassion cramming cows this now or else. Even as running down dark hallways fuming I’m not sure I could say why I Kerns. Then we set our empty, concerned with electronics, businesses. Maybe to support. I write in red ink that turns Earth’s microbe sea notes, my poems of nothing, is all that red on all green revolution. Freedom and equality realized at the grave of Esteban Garcia. Grubs writhing on a dirt hill tomorrow so why horde? And Lawrence did not enjoy violence. Poison food will be served to you of my dreams from a funny ape phrase, feverishly searching for you. Richard Lovelace. I Corinthians 15:33, Jeremiah 18:1-6. The Great Learning Confucius. Vedas, Zendavestas, Zoroaster, Atropos, Hector, Sir Kenelm Digby. Napolian, Hoteides Invalides. Farbisher/Martin, Charles Wilkes. Made me set my bag burning seeds of rebirth and more right than me to whatever have no say. I think meat is of our minds, telling us we can’t enjoy great marlin Japan. Orange, medium, berry. Garden origin Cornus mas, southeast United States. Marbolos with five dollars rubber banded to it for swimming and refreshment.


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