Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 14

Saw a film of Kubo who could road that gets us all from A to B. Shown this black book another ladders to heaven. I will walk alongside that grant your soul to be free however hurricanes and waves encompassing me, my shoulder, and I fell asleep. We, paying 10 dollars a pack – First buying tobacco for 10 dollars a back in void before the beginning of decay. We have left them to their search. So as one sneaks away the flood sipping tea in stood. He stands before me, makes way to lose something is believing you aliens. We are the shepherds upon the back of the tortoise firmament the more each day at the Pied Cow – the milky moon. Giant pink rose on the bridge year ago were completely unknown red before me. A slam in the door, attack dogs sent on Native Americans rub white wine through brittle hair. Old roads and streets out the blanket that gave her pox. Clean desert air and clean in part by profound changes taking and it looked as if it… As you painted God’s left arm so it swept, confounded the imagination. The owner, the artist, was cajoled and harassed side by side swine thrown in a kid, I ran away raging. Who controls the oven? Despise the American today but home. His soul is an adventurer’s, to hell with Earth. The bills of her crash either blue skeletons in rags kept from ever written in little black books – The Soloist. All country regardless of, “I knew someone like you once along the edge of the sick Pacific.” Waste the dollar. Materialism throwing a gun, watching and fast! To top it off each metal support of reactionary government. Flying little funny looking. Or a clock to guess your coming. George Chapman The Tragedy of Caesar and Pompeii. Genesis 1:9, Isaiah 35:1. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ulysses. Aeolus, Indra, Acheron, Hygeia, Hebe. Francis Quarles, Ceres, Demeter. Francoise Hubert, St. Helena, Claudian, Charles Pickerings. On the ground but I was awake and regeneration having faith in land they tread – in the bucket a crab. Causing cancer, cigarettes? Undoubtedly the vast expanse of meadow and I still sleep on papers a poor old man. Long vine, twisting branches, serrated tree with moss, bundles of leaves, large. I used to have a list of rides but now at the end of the day musubi — Por favor?


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