Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Final Entry

Oh, Gene Wilder…” Control the power of the wind through sound in the land of Umpqua. Step to ascension upon the throne, the river, and smile at the heaven those ducks live in. For her power the Earth is where she pulls her weeds. The highest mountain does not peak my sea. Watched as he tumbled down the side of you, still down there. A dark piss alley, 2nd, walking with himself on the road whistling, “Allah! God! The Way!” Other watches his prey. Raining forests that I become. A pact with my mossy gown and cuts me down, owned it anyway. Every aspect of Mother Earth bearing our celestial drop of dew – Cows appreciate their hay. Baby blue backdrop stopped and we marveled at what became our home, past the old railroad on Morrison Street that holds me. So I flee to the High Desert. Americans still fighting to be free 2016. The old lady in white shields the sun. I ran in my youth – will take it out of pity. Streets, you don’t have to take the candy. Place in the stuff things are made of might expect people are spread thin over directly over head. Made that to laugh in his face. Instead the forced really into completing one. The air piglet infanticide – I don’t eat meat. Who controls the milk? What I can say is self-entitlement, pfft! I kick her dust in your face. That, or for kicks, Palio’s was her first hit approaching the station. You can watch me learn the lessons. Nationality, and there was no one there to help, has its share and steadily on the run. Groups scramble for it, beast uniquely adorned pollutes our air – economic crisis. Cupid you look like a bee stinging me and just around the corner you are running. Saadi. Matthew 11:28, Matthew 5:39. Joseph Heliodore Garcinde Tassy. Aesculapius, Cerebus, Antaeus, Jove, Plutus, Pluto, Hades. Pope Pius II, Eugenius IV, Olaus Magnus, Christiern II. John Cleves, Symmes, Oedipus, Sphinx. Love and seceding from mankind may find himself dead, in the middle struggling to succeed, while those on the bottom feast. We have sold both at highest luxury. Horizon of trees since the flowers blot out all the green daydreaming with toes in sand, small orange berries, leaves, central China, southeastern Europe, west Asia, white flowers, moss – its lost. The Hanalei Pier – back flips off the roof.


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