You all set then? / Cross your legs, close your eyes / Breathe / Deep / And I may find you, wherever / And when we meet, can I find you at the beach? /  I know a place with black pebble sand / And we can stand in the waves / Walking into the ocean / The scene changes when we blink our eyes / For a short breaths moment / We find ourselves standing in a deep room looking down a dark hallway lacking carpet / Cold with concrete / Her face is like a sunken treasure / A woman crosses the room / Drops a heavy canvas bag onto the cement floor / Continues down the hallway / You and I stand / Silently watching her walk away / The sway through the ether / In another instant we are gone / Fear was expelled from me in the face of One / Original Man / And everything that has happened since / Ebbs with the ocean, without / Positive or negative / On the edge / Of her upper lip / A dew point of sweat is beading / In the light she tastes like whiskey / Still, I am not alone.


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