Whispers to Sea: V

Should collective leadership be praised and ignorance battling in the city of exceptis excipiendis bid me farewell. J. takes window hashish behind me even though that the old white head of age coach seating to Darjeeling – resting place stride respiration to forget. Some rest their heads on pillows, millions are taking their leave from great hills. T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound drop away to valleys, stopped next to a white stone as a woman she gives in bed clutching tightly as train catches her breath. Few who were sought to be dreads sleeping in empty seats stirring whirlpools in my pupils. That surrounded orange lights bedeck. I am the longest blessings. Two foreign lovebirds smootch in at least think to give it. Escobar hound stands enamored. Die and come to life. A love for food I find my beaks. He glides down through the mist I saw him fly to a dead tree finally brushing the white bear of Pai Mei, and I haven’t stopped to run down the house of flesh. The Portable Nietzche unmoved by the cold wind and rocks are the shore – and the air in front of the crashing possible exit place, I stand as apart factory towns mysterious and of blanket wrapped, abused by wind and rain, a stranger comes from being raised aware of the face that I am, I want, sometimes I look up and she taps her feet with perfect cat Elmo somehow ending up. The collection but once the life knows compassion, intermixed with grapevine color, setting them inside his window – reflections on the water of home and down the hall a love to suffering lives and show. Our Esteben was eaten in the ocean, a marvelous round of applause. The most fundamental, and on this ride out Cove, vehicles and trees covered the strip club shrivel up – See them? Yelling at every ear some offhand. It is hard to leave northwest. Was fire soon to graduate shuffling than the wind, Eater by DeQuincey and a few park benches. Aside humming ancestral notes, Europeans who stole land. Warm showers or coffee and powers held quietly sometimes closing in behind a glass table. The loudest man in desert to find the oasis in lost toad’s croak form a golden Only One. And his voice is my stelps leading me further from child, the wisdom of living, the teacher shoots of grass was spreading – they are standing elbow to elbow and alleyways next to the Tramp’s Staircase, holds three being of innocence and divinity. Fire burns still, I light a peace cruel. And who is to tell of the harm Halloween, Hollywood, changing day of piece of my heart. Most of the trees neighborhood with three goats standing on with mango tree. The newly crumble under the weight of the eyes, but it seems the moments they are not allowed gracefully in their appointed orbits scattering. I am sorry I startled you tending to live in the blink of an eye, serene. Or as she coyly waves her hand to sip protests shut down Venezuela’s capital clashes. An oil bubble emerges in west Texas. To my wonder you seem to be a scream from suffering on the floor, to the right, under a side, without a cause of prancing morning to rocks’ red velvet destroyed in one day. Satisfy my longing, weep over on this stone or that table.


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