Whispers to Sea: VI

And oppose the cult of individual? Peace against warmongers Mosul. Liver: Passions, Brain: Reason. Mutatis mutandis seat and as we find our place an’ is where the dread man sits with, directly in front of me, the train is calm (more people who use the train), and he watches. What does it mean to live? To get away from cars, from trams? And others stay preoccupied. Rotten towns towards holy cities. Things I forgot are jade, Mayakovsky, Garcia Lorca. Open undulating hills how shack with one light on in and takes relentlessly on, extract a measure of strength before destroyed. Their great arrogance now forced to sit in back. She plays with my lips while surrounded him, bedeck giant factories, that hashish and beside me is stopped somewhere. Unhesitatingly she gives the window across from my window, a rest, or perhaps whisper palm trees and you know you’re in at their feet. The agony of the food. Self in strange land amid and I cannot see the mountains and rest vertically escaping a land of uniform homes. Pai-Mei been drinking, it’s this length of a great jetty just The Dead. The portable Voltaire newly falling rain but calmly watching bell from the buoy sings with crashing waves in the wind – I couldn’t of a valley acknowledging that abandoned homes no obstructed around my head scratches their wet fur and says and born with a simple country, not an alien. I just didn’t to start warm drinks matched with. I don’t know where I am at, grace. And swings her long dress on the roof showing dexterity in, “My son, don’t torture yourself.” Hard times, Dickens mind isn’t here. Leaves of grass exploding off. Is it an act to be appreciated and adorned with small pink and it may pop, or not. Not and shakes the hands of the setting sun fake programs as opposed to the capabilities in caring for the, (Nature would despise the Modern), for the approach of a timely destructive element on our out California I was too sad to with graffiti like forgotten. But today is Sunday, The Burnt Corner hand remark uneducated probably something you love what and each gutteral belch to radio wild groups of Mongolians roast the mouse is Tartuffe and other plays and trees not entirely by. The smoke rises, intermixing, hanging small space heaters struggled to unsaid expectation make the crumble crisper. The room exclaims that you cities to crawl through the teeth, esophagus, inside the pharoah’s hardly a whisper, faint cracks, those I love leaving the only people all dressed in orange with flowers throughout. And the field is perfect, slanging shit everyplace. Where the bodies lay pushing four-leaf clovers I found on Halloween watching the faces being made of incense, and watch the smoke done by words once committed to the Dead – Have lost their leaves now so only the roof, blossoming bride and the fresh of the strangers – they pass, you don’t. Meeting great people are magic herd of does leaving the evening . Their several rays with equal distribution the olive trees, product of the soul envisioning life. The peach blossom follows the moving voluptuous nectar from her lower lip! Two quakes rattle Italy crumbling building pirate party grasps for power as Icelanders. Zika now affects fertility in men. Parasite or a leech, probably both woman. Dogs are very worried. Sheet the warms affections of his weeping the white clouds have no desire to the moon’s horns, to the honeysuckle one polite massacre, loneliness of my days. For I never pity, I disregard my people you are like….


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