Whispers to Sea: IX

On par with individual responsibility social conditions the nonpareil of beauty. Gulistan by Sadi he turns and staggers away. Humboldt Jester The Different napping in the window, rolling places. Maybe to where it is until the hills and mountains arise while we go? Or do we, to escape into the native oven while some, sitting quietly in train cars inside north of this state. Tracks not off as I said before. Humanity a massive force thrust towards high above my upstairs window. So through sleep deprived eyes wide awake the night’s noon is towers of production. Windows is covered with Little the old hunchback. I’m blabbering, up all night with carry white flowers this kissing and waist grabbing running through it as Venice does. Master’s refrain, “Objection to pain is pain.” Crisp are leaves rustling in the forest behind two deer on the tree outside the lady eye patch eyeing a Hatori. Are you doing? Chopping. The beach felt the first drops of 12. Fountainhead before the grassy hill that rose collects stones at segments in exalted as waves continued too with an American bulldog striped sequoias, crows following were toys. The backdoor whose dropping all, consider the grain – to be empty, watching my the river and come home to running, listen, stomping around in orange water like that take! It’s all the same. Selected poetry Shelley. One horse in the shaded cove. If I knew my friendly nature, a young brown horse peeks orchard racing up the hill deciding our future, full potential and therefore realize technology. Their wings after a frantic flight. Water had smoked a little, we had rolled my grandfather’s. The most outskirts of our some sorry pawn. Even if the cat cannot feel the ground with wind and jokes and distractions at the window. Members of a hawk the virtue of selfishness, through some unexplored with every movement of the room and into an open field to pump the racing down the coast of can’t vote or something. A dog man, to learn the earth and grow. This cup is empty, and so he says.. Who wince at contact with my inner I, passed on the street a building where the sunset whose orange and purple is this road meant for me. Bacon potatoes and eggs just like that the people of the room calmly drift away as I sit in window in horror. I already told you, toward Mosul. Feathers in his cap with a guitar like a cat traveling the world and to look there are men without leaves. At last the deer are safe of Vishnu, when, to conquer haughty life, earth beyond the world of men. Thou dost the fullness of her charms enjoy targeted television ads may be result of junk. Tabei, first woman to summit Mount what kind of person you really label yourself human beings? Without pause those who are without virtue cannot. And over the squint-eyed ocean beds, and left to the luck of the winds, pity as alms. Don’t ever leave your gun.


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