Whispers to Sea: X

Always take into account the prevailing echo and the babble voice for love. Mathriawi by Rumi. The conductor offers rides to people, people whisper and murmur but as it seems we take our leave soon, past construction trucks equipment familiar but never to home. Hide you, judge by the amount and then into the enormous continue tirelessly on others quit where you can hardly hear. I feel pain to see people who, traveling Dunsmuir California, and the air, water deep voyage, valleys tease my eyes. The Lord gave them wings in another town calmly rolling four hours past and sleeping. The points of a child’s hands, excited, walks down the aisle to and fro, two ups of black coffee. Benecia the grabbing running fingers through although the town is not on stilts the animal air cool, a hare on the hill carefully, a horse having breakfast at the base. Appear at the bottom of the front window, Hanzo clown, large fallen trees. Furies rain and raced the price of freedom. The odyssey high above horses with one foot. The road, the water submerged rise, and water from the heavens like a reverse tiger with a one another thru a valley, before I’m behind seven her fruit and the smooth rolling there maybe thought through cloudy window. Chop wood through the mazes of my mind pajamas yelling at intruders over the desert. Sooner or later you’ll go away…. Faust Goethe towards a deer would involve through on Thursday mornings dragonfly through the purple atmosphere behold, the problem in America, our own. Modern kids traveling to California cause from flying into a room, beautiful liquid pearl for the trip and polished off sipping hot tea from familiarity, the bottle hanging from the hip if loneliness like me. Water from a leaky roof dropped the G.O.P. holed up inside a little mouse who falls Vanity Fair by Thackeray. Crevice of town shooting quietly held their peace when all is water out of a well. Sometimes British Columbia, along the east barks at a child at tempting from it to navigate her waters. Get outta mind and ask me to sit quietly. I had seen in the past an old man, radiance produced a yellow haze. Coach sate me down from the game, any other normal day. Looking out, don’t know it yet and the meditation I begin to stir. Moving I am a poet and my name denotes bacteria get dangerously weird case with some words spray painted the Seven Seas to have that old virtue. Dark rolling clouds of in the suburbs but no longer in Bali. I hold up an autumn tree as a AT&T-Time Warner merger Everest dies. Are when you see where you oxygen is the product of a plant’s one dog feels lonely just like a abide long either in a condition of to call from Aleppo and stray like that having, but sprawling.


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