country grass… xv

Universal Happiness

Swells up inside her breast
Reaching for tenderness
Broken trees watch the ways we talk
Buried beasts crawl,
Out in day, into my garden mind
They are spraying poison
What I’m breathing in.

But I look so fine
And under umbrellas
This little trip is my getaway
On a summer day
Everyone in their shades
My present mind seems all it takes
To change my world


country grass in my hair xi

She lost control right
And split her chin
The blood made me weak
I thought I lost a friend
I couldn’t see after all the lies
She told about her life
A lonely wizard threw his candles
At the night in front of me
His knuckles bleeding
His cape too long
He’s crooked neck vampire
She’s just a cotton swan
Her eyes are open
But see nothing
Her lips are gasping for air
She’s shaking on the floor
A sight I cannot bear
A clover rage
A wooden cane
My old man brain

country grass in my hair ix

Lost in my mind
Crossing the street
When I saw a friend
I turned my eyes
When I heard him lie
And I ignored his fate.
I met a girl
She drives a silver chariot
She takes me to the past
I asked her who she was
And she said,
“I’m hug me, baby.”
What can I be?
To a man who doesn’t love me
My mask is off
My life is strange
If she doesn’t know me
What makes me feel this way?