Whispers to Sea: XV – Final chapter

Single mindedness between high and low ranks. We may get some coffee to take the train, overloaded with packs stumbles onto the tracks past the jail. Tracks with my mother for she is a poet too, dirty kids with books on trains, on a wave with every pump of my calm train California not on beds but chairs. Headed for C. and I., his love. But people suffer and we forget all cooped up inside. And the moon stares into her mirror, orange lights at the station delivering pains. The first from Cupid’s dart gone, small lights dot the railroad. Companions’ doomed flight, train that is blocking their road. I see her jumping from their noses, rooms still lit, windows open, a round, plump face. Just carried it with him. My brain memorialize the trip but they fade. When I return home, a bottle! Esteban, Portuguese poet inhabiting the muck. The sun telling time, stir. The sun perks his rising ear to song. Above them a red apple, flamboyant reality. Esteban Vallejo hides in the jungle, is brewing to pick up these books. Good selection? Plus more. Sweat from the fire, stretching on wire calm comes northern California from the isolated jetty. Rainy for the weekend, a warm wood stove. Hear his rapid breath from one mountain to another. Summit days spent running through rain. Scared misinformed reptile importance of water and land, most loyal friend. Time I am not myself. Morning climbing meditative hill empty truck bed leaves of grass, Walt Whitman. I get high to escape and get away. Lines of birds along the shore move up to mark the tide. When I die light my body afire and set me out to sea. Drums roll by on the tracks and the Ruger in my hand yelps ignorant. “You probably should have paid.” Only days before the clouds rain ash, her lover was mightier than mountains calm walk under leaves over bridges, tripping in an opium meadow. Vehicle to keep out the harsh wind. Never wanted to grow up to be, to peek from the treetops breathing mountain air on love dropping jewels in my ear. Not an object for strangers to behold, looked and smiled. So we shared a wave. Field with a princes brown horse, road – Stoned. Birthday with my beautiful love, staring at purity. A kitten naps with me. It is only a matter of going (If you’re headed to Akkaba). Protests? Wonderful streets searching for the next cup of coffee. The Man exits. And I have surplus for hungry babies to feed. A strange upon the lids the strain. How when the leaves were green I was not the same. Inflation long quiescent is stirring, conspiracy charges misfire. You are me. And to Hell to take them home.

Whispers to Sea: XIV

Strengthening of the solidarity and Vulcan was a blacksmith (God of War) warmer already. 9:45 and then wondering why all these people decided gravel on the road. A woman in the parking lot next to truck and listened on the northwest millions. I think of refugees sleep in rooms moving from Oregon to my light. Nature seems still and peaceful, expanse of water over there. Nosy, assuming too much. Home on humble waves. Every individual has felt love’s society changed to one so far sky and witnessed their a prolonged presence from a revolving through space and time American morning apartment of marks around the smudge of as me and he never left his bag. Pictures in the entire bay I am this water with two drakes, blockades, then a rooster mornings from nowhere birds start to kneeling next to Manzanita at fuchsia flowerings. An eyeball crushed in the carpet, the kitchen and a storm Tin Can Mailman of the moon decide to go home bent with the wind or sound racing back landside amber eyes flipping on a high wire. Elmo mixed veggies and liquados smelled of wine. One could doe and two babies eat at the paranoid and preaching the cuddling the cat warm with my overcome with guilt most the what a wonder to wake up in the hitch-hiker’s eyeing the Ivanhoe, Naked Lunch, dead all at once. Is love for the lover or the loved? Thank you. A bowl herbal mix-ology and the waves grow larger, meant to fill your earthly well Big Oil. I pump him full of lead artifacts, propagating trash, stoking fire logs in California. His last crackling croak across the crowded highway. Mouse opens her yes a human, what will be next? Away really, all I want is a long from tea lightly drifting windows and hay bales lined the idiots. They look like who they is Ruger. Busy markets and dirty districts and what kind of things are built among men. My legacy is my own. Old women there and she aw me shared the apple orchards and the kicking dust on the side of the more bookstores and happily a simple and kicks. But they are all safety and solitude peace. Who crossed the Nephood desert for it. Parallels between pipeline refuge will be enticed to move along these as three come down the alley. The product of my beating breast, the sweet dancing fire, has, as each leaf falls I am reminded of overseas, FBI internal feud over emails, how useless they can be. Monkey or a tree? No, much less. A blind child stared at just now to God to nourish foreign soils.

Whispers to Sea: XIII

Unity is our invisible force – River. The last of Oregon air, it feels separate directions, I’m wondering. Crushing men shuffle about one man and put my ear to the iron rail. Search for cheese by the heart? Days to end, vagabond souls commotion of the night. Their lights forget the harsh elements and through cuts of trees some in fact taken is own. I am too leading the wayward floater one another’s efforts. A weary traveler, how has while others watched the whip the other direction to avoid across undulating Earth. And early in the you can see His fantastic design, thousand in the lounge cart the same time was the trees, different. Of the Golden Gate bridge across has showered – A black duck bathes in the valley melody and forehead, white socks and nose, foggy toads croaking, sniffing and kissing. Of a million dollars, Mother’s upstairs in walking into The Faces. Brothers Karamazov breath, I am the wind and bonzai trees over the beach back to safety without lightening athletic run and admire her window, old orange cat named The Earth was moist and run along the familiar running paths around them. God’s image; family. Swimming in the ocean overcome, reading Armenian stories at night. Under the sun’s beam key writings, Poe. New grass springs from the than progress further, putting two different weeds in, but calm now. A symbol of the compassion after chasing a housecat. “Is this an older one?” Hoarding useless, meaningless, knew she was in a cell. Fire, an untouchable bum starts to run revived to life the little to French dictionary to the hip. Now I’m getting carried, smooth breast, the stream rising them inside. Snow piled up to the comfortable men walking like fucking Day the dog, the pug, the name of native dirt. Wandering through he was thinking of his family, of life and not to become a builder. But this time as I passed there was a capacity for compassion and didn’t want to be at home short reading of Shelley, Emily. To express and so the gawks, macona and hash, moments of by that name I am known and I was one are fat shuffle to put books away. Soon we vagabonds bailing out of junky porto’ potty happiness sharing love for it is looses. Garden of Heaven – A quiet mission to export gay rights, high spending battle for senate control, particular human beings have shown you to me? Who? Equal to a fellow man virtue; the wise desire virtue. A red bird shakes the ancient elder tree to call to heaven and spilling your fruit.

Whispers to Sea: XI

Conditions and maintain close Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons that don’t know where they’re going. The train moves, it’s quiet as the aisles darken outside they industrial factory facades. His dull lamp gives light who we have touched? Who field or meadow where hashish, their days of calamity and enter trucks passing by Californian are traveling all alone by freight, the small glittering is thin and crisp and a man driving out ill company. A child in the driver’s and lights and destroyed the endeavor us through. No vehicles on the street, bodies around me heave as Marxist way, victory through to finally lay eyes on foreign leaning over head hung low. The first district beyond the bridge. I can hair (is quite sickening) an’ the water is stagnant almost world is not a problem in itself. Watching my steps chirping calls of the hill. A mother and a baby hummingbirds in black mamba hidden in the briefcase blocking the way. Deluge back to safety continuing a metamorphoses tip-toe and deer grazing at the concrete and left a foam splashed over faces, we ran. Black body and thin Bengal a storm tree metamorphoses, locks, a pair of blood filled mountain is slick with mud and some guilt in the inability to pane, holding a mirror in the excited about the building a map. Staring into space, visions of steam, lost illusions, Balzac teaching the deer of trusting in October atmosphere slowly changing from red – The middle class of our country singing of the revival of her spirit, to beat the system by criminology occupied by a simple lamp and crashing salty waves against a bottle of Courvoisier while white ceramics, “Does that taste funny?” Not connected at the lips. I wanted to a toad stared at Christian family stores in Tijuana in the hand of an ascetic bathing pistols in the air outside old still, beads raise slowly across Buddha’s bedcovers would lightly freeze. Of the Cascades, karate to know her people and speak her here! While dull conversation fills the air, sitting with his head in his hands across the blue firmament. I and tried to lecture me the window at downtown B. in most enlightened being into begin the water for tea and a field vast and green, studded with in space. On it with the help of a stencil – Black magic grab you in a spell – Humanity obscure the blue horizon – The forest, he spanned the heaves in his second torch of my immortality, a symbol. World’s largest marine reserve. World’s first fossilized dinosaur brain may time goes. Noble birth while humanity’s excrement homeless man poverty and hardship or in a condition from Paris forgotten how to stand – Over the small corner of land.

Whispers to Sea: X

Always take into account the prevailing echo and the babble voice for love. Mathriawi by Rumi. The conductor offers rides to people, people whisper and murmur but as it seems we take our leave soon, past construction trucks equipment familiar but never to home. Hide you, judge by the amount and then into the enormous continue tirelessly on others quit where you can hardly hear. I feel pain to see people who, traveling Dunsmuir California, and the air, water deep voyage, valleys tease my eyes. The Lord gave them wings in another town calmly rolling four hours past and sleeping. The points of a child’s hands, excited, walks down the aisle to and fro, two ups of black coffee. Benecia the grabbing running fingers through although the town is not on stilts the animal air cool, a hare on the hill carefully, a horse having breakfast at the base. Appear at the bottom of the front window, Hanzo clown, large fallen trees. Furies rain and raced the price of freedom. The odyssey high above horses with one foot. The road, the water submerged rise, and water from the heavens like a reverse tiger with a one another thru a valley, before I’m behind seven her fruit and the smooth rolling there maybe thought through cloudy window. Chop wood through the mazes of my mind pajamas yelling at intruders over the desert. Sooner or later you’ll go away…. Faust Goethe towards a deer would involve through on Thursday mornings dragonfly through the purple atmosphere behold, the problem in America, our own. Modern kids traveling to California cause from flying into a room, beautiful liquid pearl for the trip and polished off sipping hot tea from familiarity, the bottle hanging from the hip if loneliness like me. Water from a leaky roof dropped the G.O.P. holed up inside a little mouse who falls Vanity Fair by Thackeray. Crevice of town shooting quietly held their peace when all is water out of a well. Sometimes British Columbia, along the east barks at a child at tempting from it to navigate her waters. Get outta mind and ask me to sit quietly. I had seen in the past an old man, radiance produced a yellow haze. Coach sate me down from the game, any other normal day. Looking out, don’t know it yet and the meditation I begin to stir. Moving I am a poet and my name denotes bacteria get dangerously weird case with some words spray painted the Seven Seas to have that old virtue. Dark rolling clouds of in the suburbs but no longer in Bali. I hold up an autumn tree as a AT&T-Time Warner merger Everest dies. Are when you see where you oxygen is the product of a plant’s one dog feels lonely just like a abide long either in a condition of to call from Aleppo and stray like that having, but sprawling.

Whispers to Sea: IX

On par with individual responsibility social conditions the nonpareil of beauty. Gulistan by Sadi he turns and staggers away. Humboldt Jester The Different napping in the window, rolling places. Maybe to where it is until the hills and mountains arise while we go? Or do we, to escape into the native oven while some, sitting quietly in train cars inside north of this state. Tracks not off as I said before. Humanity a massive force thrust towards high above my upstairs window. So through sleep deprived eyes wide awake the night’s noon is towers of production. Windows is covered with Little the old hunchback. I’m blabbering, up all night with carry white flowers this kissing and waist grabbing running through it as Venice does. Master’s refrain, “Objection to pain is pain.” Crisp are leaves rustling in the forest behind two deer on the tree outside the lady eye patch eyeing a Hatori. Are you doing? Chopping. The beach felt the first drops of 12. Fountainhead before the grassy hill that rose collects stones at segments in exalted as waves continued too with an American bulldog striped sequoias, crows following were toys. The backdoor whose dropping all, consider the grain – to be empty, watching my the river and come home to running, listen, stomping around in orange water like that take! It’s all the same. Selected poetry Shelley. One horse in the shaded cove. If I knew my friendly nature, a young brown horse peeks orchard racing up the hill deciding our future, full potential and therefore realize technology. Their wings after a frantic flight. Water had smoked a little, we had rolled my grandfather’s. The most outskirts of our some sorry pawn. Even if the cat cannot feel the ground with wind and jokes and distractions at the window. Members of a hawk the virtue of selfishness, through some unexplored with every movement of the room and into an open field to pump the racing down the coast of can’t vote or something. A dog man, to learn the earth and grow. This cup is empty, and so he says.. Who wince at contact with my inner I, passed on the street a building where the sunset whose orange and purple is this road meant for me. Bacon potatoes and eggs just like that the people of the room calmly drift away as I sit in window in horror. I already told you, toward Mosul. Feathers in his cap with a guitar like a cat traveling the world and to look there are men without leaves. At last the deer are safe of Vishnu, when, to conquer haughty life, earth beyond the world of men. Thou dost the fullness of her charms enjoy targeted television ads may be result of junk. Tabei, first woman to summit Mount what kind of person you really label yourself human beings? Without pause those who are without virtue cannot. And over the squint-eyed ocean beds, and left to the luck of the winds, pity as alms. Don’t ever leave your gun.

Whispers at Sea: VIII

Collective leadership should be on by law are cancelled out by actual cucullus nonfacit monachum. Heiderberg, the middle of the two cars and long light dressed as a sort of.. My night next to her mom and we start under current leading to secret. The clouds that obstruct his view fulfill our desires as the asking for money through the night, woods, gem and sage wrapped sky. Midnight through the roof. The yellow train is on the capacity. The mother of the ship is launched in to the sky. Stone walls often protrude feats of common bravery being filled, every time peeking. But I am, less until the day, giant. One of these for our arrival! Who is to judge our capacity? The bushes on the highway, for all. It has a canal running the dog howls at his yourself will become alive as me. Birds call from trees above there is a liquid a the soft holes, rings around the blazing sun. “Hey man, what we dancing on? The Dead of Bed number?” The one another through the valley runs on the beam. The Artist, Mother Nature, was held as most running and pivoting – I’m playing sea. Giant redwood trees and window on Abovian Street there, bottom of the giant hill outside. For the horse doesn’t, I wanted through the neighborhood or along or am I really trapped along grumbling to who will rushing, all you need is a shack to get by, Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand. California window where happen to pass by turkeys dancing around the apple taking place within a month to nurture Mother Nature to her. A new Dr. Faustus with a love of thinking of a moth folding slowly quivering in my cup. We walked thru Martinez restaurant Chan’s, a favorite of “Tha’s what I’m sayin’.” Demanding order to carried out by I. Might as well be alone in a room crust of Earth to harmonize news, high fashion jewelry, pizzeria. The teeth are bared and one mouse falls from the beak. The Fox by D.H. Lawrence. Some foreign substance peeking the room. Two candle flames dance the snow we stepped our way of Oregon. Requirement so dumb people survive off the kindness of a fellow. Water? 500. Weren’t the one listening. I’ve covered myself with individuals. It’s 5:03 no one is in a hurry and other vegetables staring. Have I gone astray? A normal breakfast of great secrets of reality and seeing, and lightly to tap, and Marcellus? Would you leap from the Shiite militants join in push pride. In front of me a young man with – will he be made a spectacle of as if dressed? Meanwhile everywhere you seem weaving pathways on spilled autumn by the divine impression of the foot. Truths heavy on my mind. Night into new dimensions I breathe. There is another heaven and destroy drug price gauging hits hospitals too, Haitians struggling to find clean water, pay a dollar. You start to see complacency, you have the audacity to puppies like them. But the wild wind blows them hither. Book IV of the Analects: II. All by myself I cast my image over all shapes, the other half scattered. Allow the passerby to offer me, who are considered tame, with branches blessed by the graces.

Whispers to Sea: VII

Criticism and self-criticism. Acknowledged freedoms guaranteed heart feeling – Old hunchbacked man stands in blonde hair watching me under his, no one to my side but J. to and a young girl reads a book as necessity. The urchins of the you through the window, through life, successfully. Is it to from all the sellers who are always while journey’d souls travel or maybe somewhere far in a bandana with an amethyst Ginsberg, Neruda, Mondo Cane. Else, would I see this night dark forest? A ladder goes up to her own accord with infinite. With a cloud of dust and smoke continuing slowly and led them to attempt Heroic Car because all the seats were I murmur in a dream present in his absence. Shine into the night, motionless girl who loves me. In the morning we grow anxious. Perhaps more than we can receive – Accost! “Excuse our French.” California, baling often, dying you. The misty mountains where ahead from the top of my hill the hard to notice the woodpecker’s uniform gasping for air. Miss Paula Schultz bumpy road before the storm, afternoon, crime and punishment. Watching as two crows glided with the rising swells. A mountain man hear exactly what was said but I am not an alien of humanity. Line of view from planes out to the store. Hello, the apple tree at the brain. Want to be one of them. Cold morning yoga and a run. Did I get here on my own accord? An old cat slowly finds his way. Trees, otherwise fragile, placing stone by stone in vain. Dream of the red chamber terrestrial mount or to be weary of flowers outside my small dependant on me. Lowly plants that hey may – Muddy footprints of horses and deer – Actual details of an election, living organisms around us man, swell planet, write asylum walls and we sit in the quiet Chinese. “I don’t know what happened to him.” False statements or some demanding. You can’t get attached to send a cure through the different forms of park geese behind the southern mightier to the mountain by Moliere, myself, but maybe, and on, in the still air settling throughout – Cut through the cold, even through Hope and Longing, stoking fire logs in the center, oughta have some kind of human evil and vile and tomb. Would you like more? You couldn’t hear if you, to ever care for me, genuinely on her head taking her time for gardened terraces of rice, up the friendly daisies all alone Halloween’s eve in J.’s backyard at the realizations of the fill the air. I grab a seat cushion page. Would you do the twist with Mrs.? No easy choice for Comey. The robust hold their crowns with newly formed shoots, her protector have to be wearing a red hat to be, and the chances are few. Garden passing under pines and ’tis the same path that once was sanctified. The fruit here is truly beautiful bursting like a flame or stars in the water, while rising doubts my heats fond hopes elevated lead level at two schools cast their votes. People place a vote wherever they, from what I can see, from halls of about the affections shown to other bride darken the sky, hanging from your hair’s trellis… and remember Deir-Zors gone by all those miserable animals, that huge ancient tree.

Whispers to Sea: VI

And oppose the cult of individual? Peace against warmongers Mosul. Liver: Passions, Brain: Reason. Mutatis mutandis seat and as we find our place an’ is where the dread man sits with, directly in front of me, the train is calm (more people who use the train), and he watches. What does it mean to live? To get away from cars, from trams? And others stay preoccupied. Rotten towns towards holy cities. Things I forgot are jade, Mayakovsky, Garcia Lorca. Open undulating hills how shack with one light on in and takes relentlessly on, extract a measure of strength before destroyed. Their great arrogance now forced to sit in back. She plays with my lips while surrounded him, bedeck giant factories, that hashish and beside me is stopped somewhere. Unhesitatingly she gives the window across from my window, a rest, or perhaps whisper palm trees and you know you’re in at their feet. The agony of the food. Self in strange land amid and I cannot see the mountains and rest vertically escaping a land of uniform homes. Pai-Mei been drinking, it’s this length of a great jetty just The Dead. The portable Voltaire newly falling rain but calmly watching bell from the buoy sings with crashing waves in the wind – I couldn’t of a valley acknowledging that abandoned homes no obstructed around my head scratches their wet fur and says and born with a simple country, not an alien. I just didn’t to start warm drinks matched with. I don’t know where I am at, grace. And swings her long dress on the roof showing dexterity in, “My son, don’t torture yourself.” Hard times, Dickens mind isn’t here. Leaves of grass exploding off. Is it an act to be appreciated and adorned with small pink and it may pop, or not. Not and shakes the hands of the setting sun fake programs as opposed to the capabilities in caring for the, (Nature would despise the Modern), for the approach of a timely destructive element on our out California I was too sad to with graffiti like forgotten. But today is Sunday, The Burnt Corner hand remark uneducated probably something you love what and each gutteral belch to radio wild groups of Mongolians roast the mouse is Tartuffe and other plays and trees not entirely by. The smoke rises, intermixing, hanging small space heaters struggled to unsaid expectation make the crumble crisper. The room exclaims that you cities to crawl through the teeth, esophagus, inside the pharoah’s hardly a whisper, faint cracks, those I love leaving the only people all dressed in orange with flowers throughout. And the field is perfect, slanging shit everyplace. Where the bodies lay pushing four-leaf clovers I found on Halloween watching the faces being made of incense, and watch the smoke done by words once committed to the Dead – Have lost their leaves now so only the roof, blossoming bride and the fresh of the strangers – they pass, you don’t. Meeting great people are magic herd of does leaving the evening . Their several rays with equal distribution the olive trees, product of the soul envisioning life. The peach blossom follows the moving voluptuous nectar from her lower lip! Two quakes rattle Italy crumbling building pirate party grasps for power as Icelanders. Zika now affects fertility in men. Parasite or a leech, probably both woman. Dogs are very worried. Sheet the warms affections of his weeping the white clouds have no desire to the moon’s horns, to the honeysuckle one polite massacre, loneliness of my days. For I never pity, I disregard my people you are like….

Whispers to Sea: V

Should collective leadership be praised and ignorance battling in the city of exceptis excipiendis bid me farewell. J. takes window hashish behind me even though that the old white head of age coach seating to Darjeeling – resting place stride respiration to forget. Some rest their heads on pillows, millions are taking their leave from great hills. T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound drop away to valleys, stopped next to a white stone as a woman she gives in bed clutching tightly as train catches her breath. Few who were sought to be dreads sleeping in empty seats stirring whirlpools in my pupils. That surrounded orange lights bedeck. I am the longest blessings. Two foreign lovebirds smootch in at least think to give it. Escobar hound stands enamored. Die and come to life. A love for food I find my beaks. He glides down through the mist I saw him fly to a dead tree finally brushing the white bear of Pai Mei, and I haven’t stopped to run down the house of flesh. The Portable Nietzche unmoved by the cold wind and rocks are the shore – and the air in front of the crashing possible exit place, I stand as apart factory towns mysterious and of blanket wrapped, abused by wind and rain, a stranger comes from being raised aware of the face that I am, I want, sometimes I look up and she taps her feet with perfect cat Elmo somehow ending up. The collection but once the life knows compassion, intermixed with grapevine color, setting them inside his window – reflections on the water of home and down the hall a love to suffering lives and show. Our Esteben was eaten in the ocean, a marvelous round of applause. The most fundamental, and on this ride out Cove, vehicles and trees covered the strip club shrivel up – See them? Yelling at every ear some offhand. It is hard to leave northwest. Was fire soon to graduate shuffling than the wind, Eater by DeQuincey and a few park benches. Aside humming ancestral notes, Europeans who stole land. Warm showers or coffee and powers held quietly sometimes closing in behind a glass table. The loudest man in desert to find the oasis in lost toad’s croak form a golden Only One. And his voice is my stelps leading me further from child, the wisdom of living, the teacher shoots of grass was spreading – they are standing elbow to elbow and alleyways next to the Tramp’s Staircase, holds three being of innocence and divinity. Fire burns still, I light a peace cruel. And who is to tell of the harm Halloween, Hollywood, changing day of piece of my heart. Most of the trees neighborhood with three goats standing on with mango tree. The newly crumble under the weight of the eyes, but it seems the moments they are not allowed gracefully in their appointed orbits scattering. I am sorry I startled you tending to live in the blink of an eye, serene. Or as she coyly waves her hand to sip protests shut down Venezuela’s capital clashes. An oil bubble emerges in west Texas. To my wonder you seem to be a scream from suffering on the floor, to the right, under a side, without a cause of prancing morning to rocks’ red velvet destroyed in one day. Satisfy my longing, weep over on this stone or that table.