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Four years after Darren Rainey died in a prison shower, the Miami-Dade prosecutor decided against charging any officers. Since the 1960s, the mentally ill have increasingly been housed in prisons.(Image credit: Lynne Sladky/AP) via After Schizophrenic Inmate Dies In A Shower, Florida Prosecutor Finds No Wrongdoing — News : NPR

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Under Trump, regulatory leashes coming off Roosevelt elk and hoof rot in W. Oregon. Public input sought on reshaping trail plan in search of safe haven in Canada: It’s nothing new. In boring bouts, the fight is often not to lose. If American players don’t care, then why should American fans? Complaint alleges misconduct   […]

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Workers of the World It’s time to start believing Did you almost forget? When East and West Tugged for Best The Dark Horse Rises Wildfire burns 175 homes, businesses in California town Louisiana flooding kills 6 and displaces thousands Rare Treat A Country for Old, Racist Men Another guilty plea Fresh Produced Man charged in […]

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U.S. Navy ships dock in Cam Ranh Bay, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam Amid Vietnamese maritime disputes with China Developing military ties with U.S. Obama lifting lethal Weapons ban on sales In Vietnam Taiwan faces pressures and checks from Beijing Major oil discoveries in North Alaska German groups look to rebuild Iran’s railway System Juan Felipe […]