Fists Full of Sand: 1-5

Entry 1

“There is a real Willy Wonka?” And as he spoke, his wings would now today’s day is Saturday, the first one. Father don’t let it bury me. The sky has always been this way, I apologize for not picking up. I can foresee a day where I will – Or sitting in my mother’s home which, is it the pigeons or the crows? Iced tea with lemon and sweet the second notebook, the black one, wispy portraits detailing the faint. The black liquid, putrid, greasy, black walks always by himself goes. Flowers born of hallucination, the conversation and the stumbling. The day is Saturday. Oceans, the edge of the world of there are some humans with minds and the younger whistled. Two enemies from past lives, needles in the street trap us. J. has the sudden urge to – The fans love controversy in search of the perfect squash angels on my back and arms. Some are unhappy with their full, on the verge of restarting all. There are always blessing surrounding; the rain in the city on Sunday. I will not understand the spread of the winds which passed over my – I know every step I take is a compassionate. Make sure to appreciate what you and I see; Paul at the espresso, ten cars within my vision, confined, the quiet coffee shop Palio’s in this Monday night I descended into. Spider the most hated genius at least ending here upon a wooden man with long, black (but graying) – Today, this Thursday, 20th and Alder has a yellow house, the liquid inside my cub shivers the uncharted maps of my mind. Am I to suppose my thoughts to be? I imagine it is safe to say, most of my sitting in front of my now – The debris rain down, twirling every life may not be ours to – Going up and down the line of time, instead, am I among the Indies? The Musolf Manor 1910, finally the resting place; dark, stagnant, cold caves with a peculiar Autumn day as it, an assault on Japan is being planned and understanding is perhaps the single – This land most of the others live in arm plunge a divine hand into the man pulled a ring of keys from his – Of the crowning masterpieces of the red on the leaves starting to – I watched a bluebird lunge. Whatever happened to sleeping on common ‘American’ demeanor? An old man now, white hat even and I still eat it and I know little kid in the bookstore enticing black olives, red cookbooks. Young men look like babies being some sort of wicked ownership I seem to have an irritation with, at Pambiche was my final meal in what is it that is touched by the rain. It is strange to see a human; this lady who was a nurse with the American people are suffering a storm where the rain drove raid on Colover village. The crow on 23rd and Salmon has the scales of the Lady of Justice. They ripped out and crumbled an American media being officially Annamites working alongside French. It is a feeling so strange to feel forgotten flowers always bloom, walking through parks here finally I went to a bookstore today in 1945 the Chinese buy two blonde women walking a dog, a man passes underneath a patrem familias vendacem – The coffin builder and the bell ringer Republicans love failed business men. The bid for trash is on. Learn who you are and where you – And now items fro America’s – An old crow walking through an area we despise, the people of our- Your energy is what you manifest. I re-watched the beginning of cars for sale, cars on the road, cars the hacking, haranguing. A young child harnessed the power a horse has never lifted, chewing spam musubi on the north wandering wayward present world divided in two on oving into a smaller town from “I love you.” The most comforting scale of being. I heard you ran away from me. Captain stares at the glaring sun. Reynard the fox, Ovid, Matthew 6:19, Psalm 50:10 Matthew 13:3-8. Richard III, William Shakespeare, Momus, Minerva, Aurora, Eos, Memnon, James Fenmoore Cooper, Peter Abelard. Torenti, Varronis, Orpheus, Argo, James K. Polk, Fugitive Slave Act. Mirabeau, Kalpa, Mardi, Joseph Blanco White. SEATO. Graduating my lines of thought into – I was a man walking in. The city will greet us in a new the actions of masses of people, the mass of people race to their – And I am a visitor here anyway, I find myself yet again in strange. But it is convenient when it is packed, what the fuck! I am a strange old man, withering. Transmission Exchange Co., Chinese witch hazel, Portuguese laurel, redwood, London plane tree, leather leaf Viburnum one time a Chihuahua sitting at a – Riding turtles in the Pacific the American to defend the law and Rene Maran Batuala with hackers on benches. Yoka Daishi’s Cheng-te Ke, no sex.

Entry 2

And then, of September, I feel like somebody is watching since Roman chariots flew the pen for I have peen lacking cross a wooden bridge, the entrance happens to be a blue Ford truck now that fly together in pairs. Amber elixir for my creaking joints already littered with drunk ramblings, features of vertical mountains leaking out of a dumpster about always by myself; mysterious lotus fades. Of course being Saturday morning on the corners of the city, two maybe predisposed to fearing absent minded tunes. Staring in their present form like scrambling through a giant’s watch. The Sopranos shoot guns, we take off! The white racing ring, butterflies on my chest, bag other have nothing and over again what a luxury it is. Your life happiness eluded by the – September is our last month here, negativity from people who would not be dwelling, were such as sweep over the Compassionate One, even through the valleys of smell, taste, see, feel and hear machine to less than a block, and now 6 Ladd’s Square, used to be a Victorian. The ballroom through the ceiling vent continually smashed, crushed table. Alone at a table in a strange, hair in a ponytail, bald patch on top on September the 22nd, white butterflies always enter the soft drumming of the rain beating sweeter time in Portland has been in my old home, outside my window control the evidence in those of down the slide, sitting on a bench. Is this the – After traveling all morning, glittering mites and -tites to reminisce of summer down by the railroad tracks where the most important factor in saving the villages scattered along sprawling, turbulent light and wrench it from pocket and handed them over, “Congratulations western civilization, Japan succeeded. Takeover the green through the air and lightly the road.” “I like my brand new,” to match his socks and dirty white that I might be inside the bookstore, “I wanna go to…” Tan walls, tile counters, food on the – Burped on their old man’s shoulder of the holy things meant for Portland. Lunch with a friend being with such feelings of a ten-year old daughter had under colonialism. A large herd of reindeer to raid on Fan tribe at Cuno. Villages and gardens destroyed, a cough or the hiccups melting into opium pipes and bottles, irreplaceable page of our common, appointed women in charcoal black, flaming war unknown in a world recognized around. The peasants kneeling near giant trees across the river glittering second Friday of September. I got weapons and bombs from the United States as the owner lets loose her German noose underneath him, emacem esse oportet. Ringer, flood of excrement nuclear stand in the struggle. Vietnam era is bargained for he had known before country because of the vast cell to cell Lawrence of stagnant and rotting away every imbecile, brigand man exclaiming, “Man, with metal shoe hooves, Petroleum Oil Corporation shore, toes in the sand near the pier, Mount Oeta to Helicon. Two camps democratic, a large city. Words to reassure and fill west of the entrance to the – It was my shadow who told, steady pointing his sword forward. Hamlet metamorphosis Exodus 16:13-25, Psalm 114:4, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Virgil Aeneid. Tithonus, Amenhotep III, Sardonapalus. William Ellery Channing pilgrim’s progress Ceonobites, Michaelangelo Pegasus, Austerliz, Dresden, Croesus, Mameluke, France, notebooks of larger size. This book a large city that I could not. Way for this homecoming would be today no longer coincide with caves and take what is before them, in fact I leave tomorrow. Rooms with strange aliens walking before away and secretly but in the – And weathered I stand at the 1803, entrance in rear. Hamamelis mollis, Prunus lustanica, Spain, Portugal, Sequoia sempervirens, Platanus x Acerifolia, Viburnum rhytidophyllum saved us getting hit by a car by ocean on the north shore of liberty which they are deprived, within the forest’s realization way song, no kill.

Entry 3

Spread as he meant to fly then close the sun beating house drums on me and the leaves rustled in the wind. An organized movie behind the – Covered with trees that are green and it still feels like a place where, to cap it off, Fool Moon Thai with cognac is the drink of choice in 2016, topped with cascading water the every perfect one saunters along the rough sketches through my mouth Multnomah glorious angel’s wings folded, standing. The eminence of a reality at the moving mass before him the forced to speak in unpleasant fork and so w pick through and go to strip clubs of Saturn. Bands around my ankles I broke bliss, it is blind. You are so anti-matter you can’t, in a one room apartment building, fulfilled if they did have a mansion, ridges of mountains bearing the anger, and calmly dismissed, push them. A squirrel talking a lot, chattering. Seven, eight, have passed, one pointing peaceful and one p.m. dropping to the creaking, flexing for having eight legs. Room they all want to be the – Climbed into his red Freestar van. I sat in park quietly, scene when Mother Nature hums; every leaf with perfect timing holed up in a cabin, secluded cafes. The morning air brisk and all the drones fly, 3,000 strong across. Overwhelmed and victim too, I sit here and leave my mind. Monday in Papa New Guinea, descending from the coast to valley, in the flowers throwing dynamite. The only clouds coming to view. Warehouses are in a thousand small, golden bamboo lemur and all of shanty towns far beyond the village’s darkness. All is a desert full, “Congratulations, Mr. Cop.” In this war cherries in selling a few apples there. Gargoyle twins on the roofs of Hollywood land on a branch then swiftly the souls of the street you should, black and white sneakers, more shoes. Baby blue button-up with large wheel of Karma’s wily will. Tennessee table Hennessey on the table beer while they scarf their burgers on everything they try to keep locked. C., wooden fish decals and ownership, self-entitlement unfortunate been involved in the British own the railroads in, huddle together, in Normandy. A raid on Becanit village. Village burned down; 3,000 banana. He itches the right side of his head of liquor leaving the poor lady only heritage, our history, in no way reflects national ideas. Factories as home. Their animal companions noticing with the wind and crystal pollen a call from C. cut short by my dieing, sells weaponry to Vietnam Shepherd to chase the nimble is the horse. The woman in black sees three waste, floating in the open ocean where they rest in freight. Crows holding the souls of clandestines. Prominence of the pestilence known Arabia three times. Man thinks he needs possibly multiple. “I want to touch the river!” Onto his back and threw him the – That I miss. Caltex Oil of Hanalei through bites of a kitchen antidemocratic voids of loneliness. Mediterranean, The Pillars of Hercules whispering to me and marching in a straight line; Joseph Addison, Cato, Confusion Analects. Matthew 9:17, Mark 5:9, Genesis 5:27, the Seven Lamps of Architecture, J. Ruskin, Moirae, Parcae, Carites, Gratiae. William Tell, Charles Wilkins fables and proverbs. Chaucer, Ganges, Bishop Percys. Thomas Moore, Nebuchadnezzar. Australia possible the last of the size it occupies. Identify wearing a backpack our last. Each precious morning the actions of Mother Nature for granted. For now who knows what will. Me, covered in raindrops. Food somehow everyday it past, watching the currents of life. Church hymns on 2nd and Schuyler, Central China. Thick green leaves, Oregon and California hybrid. Central and western China barking before we could cross. He wagged Kauai, hiking the tail along. They are forced to leave their grove. Song of enlightenment. No steal.

Entry 4

Again steel bright pushing it like grey Toyotas do. Scenes, each cut is switched in, once crossing the middle, the open, I was raised . Se we met up after the juiciest orange slice and a – But to more important things, I shared outlines of the mist upon the Verdant One and the same passage, all plants sentient and non sentient being blurted at my companion standing at the pier before a river leading calmly to not containing themselves. Older earth dweller gathered his muffled tones, the dense medical forest evading, free from currency chains the old man (or woman) sits on the – Sees the glories living in your bag across from where I sit now my pen and everything they desire still, broken strains, or celestial parts pausing in quiet forests of solitude aside and slide across great halls. K. was puppy-dogging dunce occupied 9. Deep yellow mustard walls full, wooden floor, different creatures (Or maybe it is the venom) strangest among the last night ’modern music’ from his stereo with my companion. The birds serenade Rasmussen, a golden cat waves constantly in a smaller town. It pains me to see Koch brothers moving around me. The sliver of visible blue sky, the accumulated grime of – Close my eyes and no longer blind. I have bathed in West Java through to the desert central. Butterfly soldiers, helmet with the card, are smashing against the hills. Ways this isolations has shaped the wildlife. They have been separating ability to provide them basic of thorns and sharp rocks and are bullets and apples are bombs on the understanding. The fragile balance. Hollywood the muzzled hounds took her fleet only two seconds. Know hitchhiking to places unknown, make the Indo laborers word circular spectacles. Taking his seat in my will, reflected through when I was a child. I on the table, wooden floors for the outside bar, staring either at up in their homes and hidden from colorful walls, reds, blues and I know hen this figure is speaking. Accident which caused damage. China, the Germans responsible. Lightening strike came down as trees cut down with his right claw. Left side with – To brandish her sword. We are what we cannot see. It might even counter them familiar bridges. Changes in the winds constantly competition. Ceremonious geese cleaning themselves. Phone and today is T.’s birthday. Rodents in Kerns he rides, faces illumined by fire, recently staring into a sky with containers, memories at auction. Clandestines, as ignorance even so tinged with my mother, called. Her voice multiple to carry him through the world. “The cat is licking my finger and it hurts!” Whip from his mouth into his right. When I stop by a rose and Bethlehem Steel window somewhere along the same ocean, he who is now vacant dust, Quintus Ennuis in every language guides hearts. Celestial empire, China, even though I didn’t see you, cannons aiming at his men; John Bunjan, John Evelyn, Charls Justus von Leibig. Matthew 8:20, Psalm 90:10, Jeremiah 18:6. Smith, Ricardo and Say. Princess Adelaide, Deucalion, Pyrrha, Premetheus, Zeus. Milton Paradise Lost, Love’s Labor Lost William Shakespeare. Laocoon, Daedalus, Icarus, Vulcan, Belshazzar, something Americans cannot invent. Great Britain for now at least and carrying another similar before the rising sun and the – As they hurry upstairs, turn on lights, betraying the light of day. They quickly happen until trains to California rounded, egg-shaped eye, large with – Sneaks into my plate among the legumes. The proof is in the pudding. You could step and the people, some gliding as through stained glass windows, fuzzy, broad leaf, small blackberry, small pines, silkworm home. His tail happily watching us from under the coast high above the beach, field, children and wives sitting before open fire, no meat.

Entry 5

The Chihuahua outside the taco shop, the view from the eyes of the richest, messed up in America. If you buy field are behind me, the river is short years time and seemed not to. Special mint for home. A walk through the city with a friend something – Brow of old Mother Nature – Of nirvana. Universally share the wet of a giant city to enter we crossed, swaying under Courvoisier sea the old bum who had spoken too attached, having no fear. Blankets and continued on his way and share the same room. His penetrating eye and escape the aura when I walk the simple backyard raised above the sidewalk or the leaves praising birds runs out (it is running) tomorrow we to wallow away about the lesser only, of terrestrial music. The – And foggy deception in a flower dress once you forget visibility of the first room from the sprawled out humming hymns. I was him out the window in the north western city, close to the sign in his window ( it was red) on a wooden picnic table and squirrels collected their nuts, a golden cat waves constantly in the moving to reshape the GOP through the leaves a tree who is in the metal in the air dropping alley streets bathed in Sumatra. Oregon I think this country forgets that we of this town, Aubery, Bend, natural and human history of the Los Darkness – The accumulated grime services the sewerage and water. Wide-eyed children who have never, other hand some see inefficiency as like nature, she had to start all. We drop into Sullivan’s Gulch at the peak of the tree and crows strut proudly, pigeons shuffle more for the luxury of my feed. Red chair, the Earth to me is colors, choices, thought. I was the hanging chimes and me or endlessly in space, I don’t us all. As if the Earth’s breath; yellows and some pink, from a doorway, a perfect example to her frontal lobe, and a – for missing Heveros and Camas. A bomb killing over 300 of them. Raid on Kwn village. Village destroyed. Gardens and farms, his left claw and then he yawns and she strikes. While in the eyes of the whole, the people brought up a force independent. Trees and familiar sky on from blue jays and crows, dog as in the fresh Autumn and the book I left was a novel on Rodin. We must exert ourselves to do what is of – Upon a bookshelf I stop and pick. They pass a tree together in, “Don’t forget the heart Ramon.” A setting sun as their composer, train cars that will blow over in – Much has changed since he shuffled greed through a phone after it rang today. But who built these highways? Hand exclaiming, “Let’s go for a ride! Give it a kiss.” Florida Phosphate further from The Ring of Fire and next was once the slave of one passion, Pelion, World hegemony, United States brandishes to understanding. Here my heart fluttered. Soldiers firing from a fence. Darwin, Matthew 26:11, Matthew 23:12. Duke of Clarence, William IV, River Styx, Arcadia, Thebes, Vitruvus, Ceres. Thomas Gray, Patrich MacGregor, Ossain. William Drummond of Hawthornden. Terminus, William Wordsworth. The Philipines sort of baggage in my hand glowing – Evening before the bridges and rushed to get dressed. Draw the dusty curtain and invite forests perhaps nothing in this cold. A bulbous, almond head, a sprouted – It fills me up and more. I go as on the back of your perfectly good day to turtles do. My father had never – Leaves patterned like Autumn yellow leaflets, clusters, soft like a cherry, Douglas Fir his owner’s chair. As we safely crossed deep in the forest, through river, crossing oceans to die. Stoves.