Fists Full of Sand: 11-15

Entry 11

The clanging bottles not miss because he was I. Should really be jotting more the blue sky with harmony. One with the whole expanse of country; wild, unpredictable, and dangerous. The past like Phoof walking through. What would become of me then strange hare’s lane. Old never-before-seen Manhattan and asleep there? Searching for who knows. Realization of cause and catch of view of these elusive questioning where the other went. Golden coral reeves amid the giant’s teeth. A man happened upon in a dismal, but no one looks at them. There was a silence that has surface, green hair man. The crocodile did admire his cousin revelation, “Stars are more than dots.” The people inside whispering about hairy hooves, sunset hues, the pearl, a sign of new autumn ages. Green fences, the swish of an auto for nothing. Others have a chance to world. What is my stake here if and grit keep the date emblazoned? Honor moss seems a bit dull. Entertain his caller it seems. A west suddenly came up then, a sigh. “I guess it’s safe to say they claimed the peninsula for Spain.” To rang. “Where are you?…” At least the curb where I sneeze I’m surrounded, summer noon still mingles, wasps, multiple giggles staring into the half-hearted functions based Warren Construction Co. Zut alors! Youth – what are they supposed to hold? We pay our fee and turn down own partners, life-long favorites, women (despite a recent divorce), to shine some light on the darkness and jungles of looming buildings. Sky without leaving my vessel only for melody, Bhaktivedanta, reflections by Idries. Mankind’s bloodshed – too much. A horse fell only they unburdened their homes as I split they will see European savagery. Lives broken hearted, he heads. Bedouin tribes attack solidarity, these roads in Babylon Pacific oceans and various hidden. My genius no more than a girl. Truman Program, Marshall Plan. The world liquid from the brain oozing and the sun still shines. Ida Pfieffer, Eine Frauenfarht um die Welt. Peter 4:8, Job 10:9, Job 23:16. Thomas Evans, Altair, Mir Camar, Mir Camar Uddin Mast, Delphi, Dodona. Diogenes the Cynic, Hesperides, Dionysus, John Donne, Roy. William Habington, Sir John Franklin. Dream and I remembered from the county library. Really the ones sent to save the abuses to the city. It happens, weather, there are too many issues, have no room for change or circumstance, friend. Gingko boloba eastern China, kwanzan flowering cherry, southern magnolia. One old couple were especially memorable end of the trail – a great waterfall indigenous state.

Entry 12

Announced my departure, skateboarding, and stupidly littered and so I will. I went from Walden and once on the other side the stone before her old Indian eyes. But now, kitchen and rubbing on my leg now, Amphibian Man succumbing to a bum exclaims, “My mom was with me running down the edge!” Saw him twice more on our journey effect subject to confusion – unrealized angels circling in every room testing – now the steepest faces window wood and an owl burrowed itself. A girl in red stripes cries. Prevailed since before the creation. City can wash away the grime as boots and belts, ghostly bodies full of ambition. Events to take place 25th District has it’s perks, going home seeing Self-Storage. At home burns the sage. We bought a shaker for Holly. Coughs of a stranger, their steps leave. Am I in a Third World country? I am alien? I do not own. White horses roaming the town the morning. The sun is wise or, a bit clueless, nearly magical process to watch. Dark clouds rolling in off the Pacific secret’s out. Our world’s ecosystem make for him a tomb of sculpture. The secret was being shared yet surrounded by the shadows of looming in the rafters on still, purple black, bloody eyes. How amazing on necessity like “Like I must do 1911 – Je ne sais quoi dear? The values of Thanksgiving? The street showed him a bit of turn, to tomorrow’s bane, to commit robbery on three darkness popping cloud balloons in a moment to float on those sweet changing leaves – a few. Shah and Ho Chi Minh on revolution. Peace a substitute for war. Of their rider, abode of the fat white wood and please, these things will be trash south without tears. Turkish stronghold cities lead to throughways where seas the master and commander NATO, South East Asia Program and you build your family tree from my buccal drain – eyes. Samuel Liang, To Althea from Prison. Matthew 6:3, Isaiah 41:25, Isaiah 64:8. Felicia Hemans, Iliad, Odyssey, Alexander, Plutarch, Zebulon, Sephronia. Federick Schiller, Niccolo Paganini. BidbpeI Myrmidons Agamemnon Mungo Park, Lewis & Clark. The familiar face which her she slowly sows everywhere and to people with… In this country where we feel we (or are we?) subject to the neurosis. I have beaten many sharks off the Magnolia stellata, fan leaves. Praunus serrulata, Cornelian Cherry, Magnolia grand flora. The man driving handed me a pack of fall and a giant cool, deep, pool.

Entry 13

I’ve been reading Dr. Suzuki recently on our street. I mean the common to Maldoror and the evidence is path will be my trail. The trees like she misses the garden and the animals, the passionate currents on top of South Sister! A white butterfly on Earth, feet never touching the street, whose voice filled soon. We will pass the Musolf Manor; the bounds of privacy canyons and I am just a pebble in the place where my third eye for her bird had flown away. Best of our world accumulated and yet it still piles faith smash through the black September. Authentic Nicaraguan on the blue water tower passing we wind through streets only on wooden steps a woman, “Why are thy bombing me?” They bathe in public water fountains. Yellow, red, green leaves some, upon passing the girl holding one track minds high on all of us, will find our future shaped, gathered over the Magdalena Plain, holds the promise for the future. He so elaborate and so huge as to what reluctant light it was for trees. Evening I’m maroon. Our compassion cramming cows this now or else. Even as running down dark hallways fuming I’m not sure I could say why I Kerns. Then we set our empty, concerned with electronics, businesses. Maybe to support. I write in red ink that turns Earth’s microbe sea notes, my poems of nothing, is all that red on all green revolution. Freedom and equality realized at the grave of Esteban Garcia. Grubs writhing on a dirt hill tomorrow so why horde? And Lawrence did not enjoy violence. Poison food will be served to you of my dreams from a funny ape phrase, feverishly searching for you. Richard Lovelace. I Corinthians 15:33, Jeremiah 18:1-6. The Great Learning Confucius. Vedas, Zendavestas, Zoroaster, Atropos, Hector, Sir Kenelm Digby. Napolian, Hoteides Invalides. Farbisher/Martin, Charles Wilkes. Made me set my bag burning seeds of rebirth and more right than me to whatever have no say. I think meat is of our minds, telling us we can’t enjoy great marlin Japan. Orange, medium, berry. Garden origin Cornus mas, southeast United States. Marbolos with five dollars rubber banded to it for swimming and refreshment.

Entry 15

Saw a film of Kubo who could road that gets us all from A to B. Shown this black book another ladders to heaven. I will walk alongside that grant your soul to be free however hurricanes and waves encompassing me, my shoulder, and I fell asleep. We, paying 10 dollars a pack – First buying tobacco for 10 dollars a back in void before the beginning of decay. We have left them to their search. So as one sneaks away the flood sipping tea in stood. He stands before me, makes way to lose something is believing you aliens. We are the shepherds upon the back of the tortoise firmament the more each day at the Pied Cow – the milky moon. Giant pink rose on the bridge year ago were completely unknown red before me. A slam in the door, attack dogs sent on Native Americans rub white wine through brittle hair. Old roads and streets out the blanket that gave her pox. Clean desert air and clean in part by profound changes taking and it looked as if it… As you painted God’s left arm so it swept, confounded the imagination. The owner, the artist, was cajoled and harassed side by side swine thrown in a kid, I ran away raging. Who controls the oven? Despise the American today but home. His soul is an adventurer’s, to hell with Earth. The bills of her crash either blue skeletons in rags kept from ever written in little black books – The Soloist. All country regardless of, “I knew someone like you once along the edge of the sick Pacific.” Waste the dollar. Materialism throwing a gun, watching and fast! To top it off each metal support of reactionary government. Flying little funny looking. Or a clock to guess your coming. George Chapman The Tragedy of Caesar and Pompeii. Genesis 1:9, Isaiah 35:1. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ulysses. Aeolus, Indra, Acheron, Hygeia, Hebe. Francis Quarles, Ceres, Demeter. Francoise Hubert, St. Helena, Claudian, Charles Pickerings. On the ground but I was awake and regeneration having faith in land they tread – in the bucket a crab. Causing cancer, cigarettes? Undoubtedly the vast expanse of meadow and I still sleep on papers a poor old man. Long vine, twisting branches, serrated tree with moss, bundles of leaves, large. I used to have a list of rides but now at the end of the day musubi — Por favor?

Final Entry

“Oh, Gene Wilder…” Control the power of the wind through sound in the land of Umpqua. Step to ascension upon the throne, the river, and smile at the heaven those ducks live in. For her power the Earth is where she pulls her weeds. The highest mountain does not peak my sea. Watched as he tumbled down the side of you, still down there. A dark piss alley, 2nd, walking with himself on the road whistling, “Allah! God! The Way!” Other watches his prey. Raining forests that I become. A pact with my mossy gown and cuts me down, owned it anyway. Every aspect of Mother Earth bearing our celestial drop of dew – Cows appreciate their hay. Baby blue backdrop stopped and we marveled at what became our home, past the old railroad on Morrison Street that holds me. So I flee to the High Desert. Americans still fighting to be free 2016. The old lady in white shields the sun. I ran in my youth – will take it out of pity. Streets, you don’t have to take the candy. Place in the stuff things are made of might expect people are spread thin over directly over head. Made that to laugh in his face. Instead the forced really into completing one. The air piglet infanticide – I don’t eat meat. Who controls the milk? What I can say is self-entitlement, pfft! I kick her dust in your face. That, or for kicks, Palio’s was her first hit approaching the station. You can watch me learn the lessons. Nationality, and there was no one there to help, has its share and steadily on the run. Groups scramble for it, beast uniquely adorned pollutes our air – economic crisis. Cupid you look like a bee stinging me and just around the corner you are running. Saadi. Matthew 11:28, Matthew 5:39. Joseph Heliodore Garcinde Tassy. Aesculapius, Cerebus, Antaeus, Jove, Plutus, Pluto, Hades. Pope Pius II, Eugenius IV, Olaus Magnus, Christiern II. John Cleves, Symmes, Oedipus, Sphinx. Love and seceding from mankind may find himself dead, in the middle struggling to succeed, while those on the bottom feast. We have sold both at highest luxury. Horizon of trees since the flowers blot out all the green daydreaming with toes in sand, small orange berries, leaves, central China, southeastern Europe, west Asia, white flowers, moss – its lost. The Hanalei Pier – back flips off the roof.