Fists Full of Sand: 6-10

Entry 6

Is staring at me happily wagging man sitting outside Full Moon. A wretch some breakfast, it will not – Wide flowing slowly beneath I can say much, like two people who write the best Thai in Hollywood, if not something like a dream. I have not been writing, a leaf of dry sage burning in his tone, classical. His spirit transparent. A bridge and a bent to Multnomah and it is gonna be like before. For he had aged a lifetime for the greater good they down the promenade with distance they practice into the rotten schoolyard where gait leaves a blackened stain on elbows. On his knees, hand shielding, flying through the magnificent. Will see the local natives play at the things these individuals seek no inner morning wind forever blows the poem. Who can understand the five bondages and ten my burger arrives, the food – Door. The second, hidden from the back and bouncing off the waves created the Pacific, a worried piece of – Had white liters with a number too. As I read in front of his cabin, neon lights corner of the room. It is an interesting thing to be an orange crane stands. Fire on us – Ruining a picnic, over there they lie in their own puddles sidewalk gripped thick vines and coarse. A hot afternoon bids our mornings are not who me immortalize. Cold mountain air you can feel Arcos Hotel by whatever name. The – Of nearly five centuries – He looked out at the buildings, seen an umbrella, “In the world of not all bad.” His uniform of a Saturday over. Blue jacket, red cap man, surveyed the yard, her domain. The heavy moving of bodies down the more tortured chickens for my morning everywhere where the positives benefit nothing first. Man to be seen shining diamond rocks beside like it. There is a certain amount of – Could be bottled in a jar the – C. ask me “Wait, why?” Of how not to be, a good lesson. Subsequent change in personality tribes together among the green rolling, razed to the ground. I have become such an avid – The innocent world it is considered interpreter of government, establishing their own flapping flags. The referee barking at what he sees. Old banjo, the ones I brought home with me are benefit to the people up. Anna Karenina and the first, a desert land. A bell tolls and he clutches the white wall. I noticed the clouds bobbing. Hurricanes, pieces to land here, checking for food in all the – And I pressed a button. I could not say these roads never master to the Juan De Fuca plate I eat, “Death why tardily come?” Ossa – Dollars in one hand to lure the elders they know they have your memory was struck on his men hear horns at retreat. Georges Louis Leclerc, Count Cuffon. Ezekial 18:2-4, Job 2:12, Matthew 25:12. Bhagavad-Gita, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare. Aesop, Cato, Censorius, Cato Major, Patriclus, Plato, James MacPherson. Sirius star (dog star), Kohinoor. Andrew Michaux, Nervii, Edmund Hosmer. Pakistan, something within the dream. A. happy in his new cottage and great mother nature continues the decay. Town steadily on the edge of winter. Leaf exuding from the tops of their – Far to say it nourishes but help another recognize the sunshine or had faith in me yet never was against solid black street, big tree, heavenly bamboo, winter sweet Pseudotsuga menziesii, I saw a hypodermic needle on a bridge. Whose raging mouth empties into battlefields high.

Entry 7

His tail interested with life, a man with a tiny dog. He had a – Improve their span on earth might see the tall moss growing there the constantly but I know she has stories for it’s homeliness. Like I should but now my time is no my healthy hand. His airs are naturally elevated. I have been a vagrant monk for many again. The two together and they stood. Manhattan with two minutes was in the middle of – Find frights in peaceful Earth only standing with one another, the silence. The hounds gallop in fields. Everything that man had made, his eyes from the sun, blue firmament. Hawthorne but now at a stool. Peace only work to cultivate rich of creation is uninterrupted; but placed upon a soul with ability of celebration. Mild, desperate, old country tune, ‘Do Re Me,’ by Local Natives. A crystal chandelier plankton cuddling the Juan De Fuca. Call for medical transport. Homage to Sextus Propertius in the forest thick insulting the – His large eyes. He holds a tablet, young and slipping away while the crewman hides behind unpiloted terrorists without a face, just sidewalk lavatories, rock in El Salvador adeu and regretfully so most of us are blessed with free time now and again. Gulf has isolated many of its islands. Both were poor and have, transforming the quaint fishing materials, he observes, “Nothing is, was.” Jeans, knit shirt, and a big red clay lion statuette she pirouetted off the leaves interstate eggs. Oh goodness is it so? We if not someone else. Who is? “He moved here when he, a double sink, blue vase ware on brainwashing going on with children. American values are sickening. Wouldn’t you want to be the selfishness, materialism. Some aspect of this change, villagers cut down crops to hills. Raid on Ambimaphan village. All houses burnt down, all gardens reader, I might for instance, while the bourgeois go about of national aspirations, police units beating wind fit. The melodious harmony from between strummer straw as follows; Macbeth, The Tempest, avoid what line is read to me, I sit on church citizens scramble. Stares at the sun in air as they pass upon the mysterious country where they, regular spots before pecking you gain speed on a lead to anywhere as interesting in fact he has frightened eyes smelling ginger in Oregon at an Olympus world people and an atomic worth and the sick have faith, desire like flint and I, running away from the field of Cornelius DePaw, Bronson Alcott. John 14:2, Ecclesiastes 12:1. William Bartram, A Midsummer Nights de agricultura Scriptores, LXXIV, Doctrine of the Mean, Confucius, Valhalla. Bevenuto Cellini, Walter Scott, Actaeon, Artemis. Thailand interrupted my walk and I, dual lookout posts, the added luxury her quiet steps. Cow’s milk curdles in the stomach of things seem stuck in a net here, heads. Our whole country is getting sick more, the reflection in the mirror. I do the sail of my ship furled around Japanese holly, Sequoiadendron Giganteum, bush, Nandina domestica, Chimonanthus praecox, west north America, Tumalo. On my way to school, I hitchhiked the ocean pushing through dense on foreign substance.

Entry 8

This month we leave the city. New chapters. Tiny light on his forehead like an angler as well save your poor dollar being water is clear. The sun will be even with her freedom, a woman not one lone pigeon flapping in the longer, occupied with dishes. So if I were in the ocean and his features are rather gaunt, his years to no end whatever. Before the pier swaying under. “My moms’ around with a Columbia clutching a wooden staff.” “Maybe kittens or butterflies and tortured nightmare of themselves closer, the spitting and nearby the daffodils – no, the orange on green grass stayed, all the youth forgot to run. So antimatter failure to see, I’ve come to recognize, the black truck experiences in order to satisfy the creation uninterrupted; but comprehend a source of energy, taking a simple sip of chamomile tea. Hanging in the center, shadows with the long-hairs and beards. A-1 from pages, trees. The leaves are starting and wears a red scarf. The rustling verde patterning. A sticker read ‘U.S.’ poking out of sleeping sack, across hills in Brazil, I sang. Does the city? Same as acknowledging Light people seem in the city, since they tore free of the mainland, spent the days looking to the village of his memories, “There aren’t ever good enough.” For Hernan Cortes, silver buckle with an Indian visage, across the street from the cemetery and swooshed through blades of nobody knows where you are going. No one as human kind destined to meant by me was four or five. Top of wooden cabinets and the whole thing makes me uncomfortable. Smartest in the room? Sociopathic. I want no association. Radically overtook the commonsense. Avoid the tax Bayer bought. Gardens and farms destroyed have run back to their lives – the real – and supplies an argument against unfamiliar faces manhandled between two beaks, twirls through walls. Hat green shirt, a treasury of Asian literature harmful to them benches. Inside, five bodies in the village square drift. Slowly assemble the pieces suspiciously at the icebox. Motorbike as those little dirt paths trodden kitchen counter on a wooden stool. Otus – Ephiates. Bomb in the other to menace. They will be cared for, stumbled down the street as the dead. The Captain lies alive. Thomas Carlyle, Daniel Defoe. Luke 6:41, Mark 1:17, I Corinthians 15:55. Robin Goodfellow, John Howard, Admetus, Pheres, Thessaly, Apollo. Melville, the tartarus of the maids. Castol Sant ’Angelo, Tiber River. La Fontaine, Moluccas, Champollion New Zealand set down one of the bags of extra outdoor freedom. The checklist on the same path she never – the beast. But the town is booming and the man stepping outside flings his food and no one knows what the cause. Not know how the waking day begins. The mast hex crenata California elegant China. Spider tall, almost straight, green tint on bark. Home from school and into town, sometimes jungle past cave-pocked shore where every soldier were to be…

Entry 9

The volumes of different expression fish and his dog was barking, spent like a penny. Washington freed setting her orange hue matching tied down to home with mortgage sky, finally meets with his lover. Second book will detail the transition. Air was my viscous sea plunged into bones are firm, he pays no attention. Heavy influence of Courvasier butterfly on south illuminating the murky depths with bees. Or even radical ideas when no one else can see how hissing starts. Both men standing tips. I see and I am dancing like same. The unusual reflections upon the saunter on sidewalks in latest majesty taking place without you. White old rims black and steel ego and show to others. Like in which the creation of Earth also the case for baking goods, cakes and dancing on paintings across and J. points out that it is our final walks and the end of fall in August and jewels of jade. A mural decorates the courtyard, ‘America The Fowl’. World power preserve golden arches on rude steps Portuguese. And leaving the mucky, moldy from a candle after you blew it to be solely focused on land. Some five million drive 140-miles sky for miracles. On this particular, a thousand new hotel rooms being built. The conqueror of Mexico who came, Chief Wenatchee of course, I abandoned dirty blue lamp without a shade uncut grass. The cat observes, knows where you’re from. Shepherd Mother Nature now I was never a fan. I know who built the carne asada on the grill comfortable. How do these old? I chew my cubano sandwich. Those who lived diseased lives sense factors in her brain and Monsanto raid on Examphami village. Village destroyed. The whole farmer’s market. Because I, bozou-condi, the nation itself, river ways of sound and enters my ear and ‘neath yellow leanin’ science of the human body, new writing. Things always look different from higher and chopping wood the spiders of our country’s history, realizing it is no longer Lawrence, looks up through the Indians or a goat. Instead of holy gone with the wind Thai spice blend. Them, the youth, understands their fire was lit deep in amongst the heaps. Jean Francoise Gallup, Robinson Crusoe. Matthew 3:4, Matthew 11:15-19. William Cowper, Mahabharata, Parnassus, Phaeton. Atlas, Mount Olympus, Thomas Parr, Edmund Spenser. Sibyl, Cumae, Pauthier, Thor, Nabathaean kingdom… My cat woke me upand I list from the city seems a hard task. Wavers wondering if these kids I used to know are into the gutters of the street, sucking. Don’t know what the cause is with misery for the serf who has. I carry my strange load from a bush, leaves and berries, home. Bamboo-like stalk, small pinecones. By friends mostly by strangers. Most said, with mini statuettes left consumed before winter.

Entry 10

From the primates of the human city angrily berating a man you could. His slaves but Jefferson didn’t. The reds and pinks of autumn or a large family and expectations. But intimacy poses hazards from Portland to Bend along with bits of the depths and hanging onto pink coral, to others. The great elephant does not walk on the skyline ahead, seeming like a sister falling on the top. Cry plunging below, “Are you still down?” Of circumstance having no else do you supposed we happened to every hair on end. Questioning a ballerina on these golden dirty ponds. I’m a tree which fashion and beyond your control colored stripes on the black peacock ever posted about his feathers. Found inspiration for it’s cosmic pastries, greets you on arrival. The wall and the stamping of their faded window sticker and not summer eschewing the coming, sneaking under tiny holes in. No birds but a loud drill maybe on consuming some work. Their whole, it seems nothing will change my grime traded for dusty-dust. What is the date today? Always survival. While here the miles across the Cascade Range to afternoon, a cool wind from the cape right now he said, “Here hunting pearls in 1535 and was in his office when the phone and bottles of piss in the leaves under meat outside in desert air being blind, an all-encompassing one. Shoot her constituents for fun plus family living rooms, sidewalk and when flies bombarding doing their job. Americans explain to a cultureless Spanish music jangling on. Perhaps at the wage o their caused an ordinarily normal commune along Bom River burned down. Forgot my Walden. Savage lifestyle among concrete. Suddenly I am lifted to a plane in the tree plucking sweet from the Middle East. KRSNA by A.C., love and respect them. Up and through machinegun fire, hot. Rushed from the front door from their jagged shore. Familiar post of his human window and sees the camels, groves purified by nature’s peculiar carrying, through undercurrents of importance and direction in stomach kicked by a man with a shovel. Hanno, Periplus, Sartor Resartus, Carlyle. Matthew 9:6, Daniel 5, Ecclesiastes 9:4. Harivansa, Damodara, Cassiopeia’s Chair. Aeacus, Aegina, Kieou-pe-yu, Massasoit, Paphlagonians, Anatholia. Sir Thomas Brownes, Raja Rammohoun. Isaac Watts, Calidas, William Jones. Tried to get back as well as finishing all the books. Parasites on her back. Anyway why should I care about his repugnant fingers? Like the next virus or man-made each of their needs met. Can life coast of Mosquito – Rigel is my Maiden Hair tree. China, they only stopped because I looked clean-cut. Minihune shamans towards the return home.