Bachelor looking overhead like Fuji, where cloud bespectacle his snow white face and drift imperceptibly into nothing, signifying time itself drifting over the immovable face of history, staring down the valley and humanity, despite suffering, despite the love of millions, lives of the peasants, cruelty of the rich and every tiny stitch of human interaction […]


You will see angry men, sensitive and insecure. Take off your angry sunglasses! Or an old lady reaching for French bread pizzas in the frozen section.  “Where is my past of mounding dough down some stone canal in France?” A woman – Lone. “Where are my memories? Don’t you get them anymore?” With dirty eyes […]

Tears Inside Endless Mind

“Where have you been?” You know, strolling down the highway, wandering mountain roads; alone. Scanning the horizon where the range bumps into sky. My destination volcanic groves of sharp stone singing like a bird, smoke coming from my nose without missing the ecstasy of fresh air, almost flying across the land. Imagining my death and […]