You will see angry men, sensitive and insecure. Take off your angry sunglasses! Or an old lady reaching for French bread pizzas in the frozen section. 

“Where is my past of mounding dough down some stone canal in France?” A woman – Lone. “Where are my memories? Don’t you get them anymore?”

With dirty eyes peeking from a barred pharmacy window facing the street.

An escape from noise – To watch you 

Take off your wig on the cobblestone…

“Sure let’s crack it open, eh?”

Separating yourself from the identity that your family has only recently learned to love – and around the corner your running…

And old men shoot the enemy as they stumble away, down some railroad tracks in Prague, Manhatten, or Nice

Died mumbling.

I’ve seen leaders send their armies through the golden gates unlocked by Peter. Out these doors you left a man and returned beyond recognition, clawing through clouds and metal in order to reach the ones you love.

That loved you… Those who are no longer with you on Earth

Have forgotten the sound of your voice, and in the mirror stands a different man, numb – and sad like always in the dark giggling, clutching your knees and idiot.

What comes 

I’ve just heard some rumor                                             

Don’t worry, Don’t refuse to work   

Take ten minutes, 

Taste the free 

Coffee and Turkish meat of political rebels.  

I’ll have a plastic bag, I’m walking    

To tundra – Off shelves of Luna to snickers by Tosi toast  

 Into the Pacific – My eyes are always crying.

Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?  

To listen to the lark ascending, the darkness of the sun.    

Babies cry next to empty shopping carts, inviolate  –    

In the middle of the road,    

The noon of night,   

The joy of love.                                                         

Braid your hair my daughter,   

                              Unknown girl, unborn divinity.     

Your mark’d defiance under trains   

Covered in Flipino mud 

 Where you may dig for diamonds,

 The eyes of an ancient woman

 Papa, will choose a bouquet of flowers – 

For the old Dodgers fan pulling himself across the square,   

 Dancing with Love  

White Heat.
We’re busy all day tomorrow,     

                                 Watch my cup of water tremble.            

Tears Inside Endless Mind

“Where have you been?”

You know, strolling down the highway, wandering mountain roads; alone. Scanning the horizon where the range bumps into sky. My destination volcanic groves of sharp stone singing like a bird, smoke coming from my nose without missing the ecstasy of fresh air, almost flying across the land. Imagining my death and proud of the blues in my bread. I’ve alighted golden steps, a white light above my head. I’m lost now and never going home. 

Of course when I got to paradise it was the evergreen forests of Oregon and the coyote was screaming across plains in the night. I heard steps breaking needles and sticks. After the frights of night passed the sun rose over the snow-capped mountains – not far from ol’ Jack’s footsteps, not far from Three Finger Jack – in wonderful folds Of pink and yellow, and I saw the billionth sunrise over Indian Earth. I found my home close to the ground and I’ve appeared just in time.

Headlines: Date Unkown

Under Trump, regulatory leashes coming off Roosevelt elk and hoof rot in W. Oregon.

Public input sought on reshaping trail plan in search of safe haven in Canada: It’s nothing new. In boring bouts, the fight is often not to lose. If American players don’t care, then why should American fans?

Complaint alleges misconduct   By Flaherty. Bold promises fade to doubts for a Trump-linked data firm voucher experiment: a glimpse at the future?

Anti-immigration attitude stokes hate. North Korea launches 4 ballistic missiles into ocean, raising worries. FBI chief pushes back against wiretap claim.

Gun sales dropping, but not for minorities. Everyone benefits from a secure border.

Rift over Trump nominee to health post breakup spurs dog custody battle. Report: Restoration efforts helping salmon. Winter weather hinders cleanup of portable toilet at Bend park. An influx of funds for forest, conservation projects.

Innovations flourishes when immigration is welcomed.

Featured Artist – Justus Vega

Interdisciplinary artist Justus Vega uses black and white photography as an urban study of awareness in People Of PDX . Utilizing street photography as a form of therapy the artist, in becoming more acquainted with their chaotic surroundings, creates powerful images through these hidden interactions of a world often turned away from, though very much alive in every city. 

The artist strives to shed light on the sights and actions taken for granted in everyday life capturing individuals in their natural demeanor. For her, emphasis lies in the interactions which blossom as images frozen in time develop a bond with the people around her.

Visit her website here for more amazing work in digital design, as well as her most recent projects.