country grass in my hair v

My mind reflects a stage
My Mama tricks her brain
My hero has no cape
I feel, then go insane
I touch and it goes blank
You stare at me, without a name
I’m begging you
To restrain, the shaking of lips
How can I complain?
A mocking test-kiss
My mind reflects a stage
My Mama tricks her brain
My Papa is a bastard
Put me in a basket
Pushed me in the ocean
Left me cold and lonely
A cricket guide my swelling pride
Through a thicket to stars


country grass in my hair iv

Unconscious I put a screen
Over my blue veins
I screamed quiet whispers
In my pillow
When the wind came
And thunder shook windows
Blue above my door
And simple things I hear
Brooks of blue
I’m lost in you
Echo in my ear
Your last tears I’m sorry for you
Who I took
And your lost life
Once I got here I forgot
What’s the game?
I’m a monkey
Watch the circus
See my cage

country grass in my hair ii

She’s a dog in the night
When I’m feeling scared
But please don’t pull my hair
Lunar Woman with your champagne eyes
Will you be my friend?
Crazy sexy zebra
Tomorrows never coming
Let me take your hand
Cruising to the future with my Baby Jewel
Bound to strike a planet
Comet speed I’ll run for you
His cotton goose going to another land
And plain white heaven you can see
Her face has lost all color
A happy smile
And the lonely tree on river

country grass in my hair i

A fearless goose
Whose rider’s features are drowned
Beneath the wind
And torn from this life
Like a sliding satellite
Throws a noose across a gate
My faded broken limbs
And still like a boy
Treats the world with royal joy
See Moth King attack Cat in Black
Wooden house in heat of night
My mango leaves
Is attracting bees
Tiptoeing on water
Body stiff as dead flowers
We can go as we please


For Evelyn,

No one glances in her direction
Precious beings in halls
Charged with humble skin
In fortress of kings
She dreams herself a Queen
Rising over wheat fields
Golden tapestries play across the land of her kingdom
Few see her shine
Few see a Portuguese fire in her eyes
Trickster, she curses her enemies with a stare
Ebony horns lifted from her head
A symbol of hooked flesh
An example of Earth before the flood
Her likeness is a rose
Her beauty is a pose in the rain
Without a home

Dreams of elvish texture gentle
Protector of hummingbirds
Lily ponds and vagabonds
Where she builds a scene from nature
Bending bramble bushes and
Shucking coconuts by the sea
Her light twisted hair ballets
Around her garden features
Giving each shadow shape of
Swooping eagles
Beneath her eyes, cheeks, and
Cliff rock chin
Dancing alone like a woodland woman
Her blood pumped by a dog’s heart
No one glances in her direction
I know she’s alright
When Evelyn’s smile stretches into the City
We’re all gonna be alright

Colonel Kurtz

One song
Separate song
Year of the eclipse
I don’t really care
Until it happens –
Look, meet me halfway
One song on rock to winded
Dreaming of farmer girls
And lonely seabirds –
A man
With grenade launcher in Vietnam,
Stands numb,
Can show you to Captain
In land with no captain
Talks plainly
Just stares
And the land where my
Grandfather’s ashes
Is worth millions
Future settlers of
America —
Admire the bridges
And small rooms, quiet homes
Tear down every building you can
See and start in the mud
It is hard to sing in the face
Of any face
A song of happiness
But it shows the best of our
Don’t give the wicked too much
Power – surely do not give
Your time away to Evil
Do not write of what should not be
Never stare the nighttime