Green Stick

The runner aligns in my rearview mirror
The road causes a mirage in the blue heat
I want to spread my wings and leave my shoes there
With the flowers beside the road
It is easy to write a song – laugh
And remember Ravi Shankar
The moon lies
It looks brand new to all newborn eyes
“You share or you don’t play.”


Free Water

In the mornings walking to market before work
The sun rises behind you
Birds are waking up everywhere

You watch squirrels like an ornament of the trees
Upside down

Air is opened in a moment
Neither slow nor sudden
Thrown against your body is the sound

The iron wheels of a train
Prelude to a simple dominating

Once the symbol of someone’s country
Sounds vibrate everything
And down my block not one thing

Moves as a result

Cat’s creep around the lampshade
The one you love asks you to stay
Search party for a runaway


He is gaping in the wet alleys
The outcast is astounded by the sun
She is in a trance, take her
By the arm
The vagabond buys wine and sits to watch
Just outside
The outcast watches the door
Watches his lover wear a mask he’s never
Seen before
He knows they’re in business
They’re in God business
He watches girls on roller skates
The outcast smells like alcohol and glass
The outcast is either too hung up
Or unconcerned with the past
And doesn’t mind whose eyes
Are in front of his
The wily researcher tries to figure
Which eyes belong to him
The outcast spits on himself
The outcast hides but from no one
Only to stay hidden
The outcast sees you as a mirror
He smiles like a jackal in faces of confusion
No one asks the outcast’s name
The outcast wears black or
No clothes at all
The outcast wears things from the too scary
Now stained and dirty
But with a little bit of water
You wouldn’t be able to tell
The outcast is a boy the outcast is a man
He is a woman in gold
You wouldn’t know
Whether you were being seduced or scared
You are a constantly hunted deer
The outcast is the trees
And witches hair from branch digits
The outcast is the life that lights the deep sea
The outcast is out past curfew in Houston
In puddles up to his knees
The outcast is jealous of jealousy

country grass… xv

Universal Happiness

Swells up inside her breast
Reaching for tenderness
Broken trees watch the ways we talk
Buried beasts crawl,
Out in day, into my garden mind
They are spraying poison
What I’m breathing in.

But I look so fine
And under umbrellas
This little trip is my getaway
On a summer day
Everyone in their shades
My present mind seems all it takes
To change my world

country grass in my hair vi

Pay the yawning mallard
For safe passage on river Time
Sit quietly and think of Lady Mist
Deep clowns they watch me read Honore
And eyes guess the noises
From my lips
I wade in sheets of skyline
And pull her toes into my belly button
Baring teeth in a baboon trench coat
Pumping pink jewel flower
My youth no longer what it seems
Why should I be a rocker?
Poor man’s broken dreams
One guitar can sing
I can wail over Peach
She tattooed her eyes
Looked real neat