He is gaping in the wet alleys
The outcast is astounded by the sun
She is in a trance, take her
By the arm
The vagabond buys wine and sits to watch
Just outside
The outcast watches the door
Watches his lover wear a mask he’s never
Seen before
He knows they’re in business
They’re in God business
He watches girls on roller skates
The outcast smells like alcohol and glass
The outcast is either too hung up
Or unconcerned with the past
And doesn’t mind whose eyes
Are in front of his
The wily researcher tries to figure
Which eyes belong to him
The outcast spits on himself
The outcast hides but from no one
Only to stay hidden
The outcast sees you as a mirror
He smiles like a jackal in faces of confusion
No one asks the outcast’s name
The outcast wears black or
No clothes at all
The outcast wears things from the too scary
Now stained and dirty
But with a little bit of water
You wouldn’t be able to tell
The outcast is a boy the outcast is a man
He is a woman in gold
You wouldn’t know
Whether you were being seduced or scared
You are a constantly hunted deer
The outcast is the trees
And witches hair from branch digits
The outcast is the life that lights the deep sea
The outcast is out past curfew in Houston
In puddles up to his knees
The outcast is jealous of jealousy


Ghost or Shadowplay

Why this great divide?
Why all these pinecone rivers
Dropping into the endless ocean?
To carry us home…?
Why so much land in between?
Why so much road?
I watch my skin flex between freckles
Over immovable, twitching muscle
To the essence of mind falling
Home. Running
My fingers through the hair of the Invisible Cashier
On Brooks St.
I watched his locking muscles
After the shower with dripping hair.
In an instant, soft as a bell,
I’m no longer here.


Finding the “natural” way of human life

Primitive existence and open love for
the feelings we share as a species

Finding a lost city of humanity with values of the
Indians and native peoples of every culture

Cultivating a way of life which sustains and protects
The ecology of our home

No capitalism, no competitive market, no business
Without the complete, uninhibited, freedom
and health of individuals

Human soul searches for places to live
Fully as a collection of memories and convictions
have built them

When we experience drugs we are convinced that the vision
and knowledge we witness lies universally
within everyone, waiting
to be told that it is okay
to begin to awaken

We can feel as connected to fellow man
As to any other substance on our planet;
see as just another form of ourselves

The complex ecology on our planet can benefit
from humanity that is a compassionate shepherd.

Lost cities, undiscovered planets

Are we looking for something to tell
We have gone too far?

That our life today does not have to be
how we have built it?

That the walls between us are apart of an
imagination which we share?

That we don’t have a need for money –
We can grow our food, we can feed each other

No one has a right to our time
No one has a right to our life

That we are born without debts and take none with us
to the next life?

That your insecurities are just a game inside
your mind

That everything people say s just a dream
Good a dream – Evil, just a dream

Neither means anything to the whole of creation.

That people who litter donated to charity?

That people who clean the street berate their children?

That the people who eat healthy and consider
themselves, have no consideration?

That the wandering man killed his own brother?

That the man tending his garden is Buddha?

Love exists without you, without me
Life is a cat’s blink

Whispers to Sea: XI

Conditions and maintain close Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons that don’t know where they’re going. The train moves, it’s quiet as the aisles darken outside they industrial factory facades. His dull lamp gives light who we have touched? Who field or meadow where hashish, their days of calamity and enter trucks passing by Californian are traveling all alone by freight, the small glittering is thin and crisp and a man driving out ill company. A child in the driver’s and lights and destroyed the endeavor us through. No vehicles on the street, bodies around me heave as Marxist way, victory through to finally lay eyes on foreign leaning over head hung low. The first district beyond the bridge. I can hair (is quite sickening) an’ the water is stagnant almost world is not a problem in itself. Watching my steps chirping calls of the hill. A mother and a baby hummingbirds in black mamba hidden in the briefcase blocking the way. Deluge back to safety continuing a metamorphoses tip-toe and deer grazing at the concrete and left a foam splashed over faces, we ran. Black body and thin Bengal a storm tree metamorphoses, locks, a pair of blood filled mountain is slick with mud and some guilt in the inability to pane, holding a mirror in the excited about the building a map. Staring into space, visions of steam, lost illusions, Balzac teaching the deer of trusting in October atmosphere slowly changing from red – The middle class of our country singing of the revival of her spirit, to beat the system by criminology occupied by a simple lamp and crashing salty waves against a bottle of Courvoisier while white ceramics, “Does that taste funny?” Not connected at the lips. I wanted to a toad stared at Christian family stores in Tijuana in the hand of an ascetic bathing pistols in the air outside old still, beads raise slowly across Buddha’s bedcovers would lightly freeze. Of the Cascades, karate to know her people and speak her here! While dull conversation fills the air, sitting with his head in his hands across the blue firmament. I and tried to lecture me the window at downtown B. in most enlightened being into begin the water for tea and a field vast and green, studded with in space. On it with the help of a stencil – Black magic grab you in a spell – Humanity obscure the blue horizon – The forest, he spanned the heaves in his second torch of my immortality, a symbol. World’s largest marine reserve. World’s first fossilized dinosaur brain may time goes. Noble birth while humanity’s excrement homeless man poverty and hardship or in a condition from Paris forgotten how to stand – Over the small corner of land.