Whispers to Sea: XIII

Unity is our invisible force – River. The last of Oregon air, it feels separate directions, I’m wondering. Crushing men shuffle about one man and put my ear to the iron rail. Search for cheese by the heart? Days to end, vagabond souls commotion of the night. Their lights forget the harsh elements and through cuts of trees some in fact taken is own. I am too leading the wayward floater one another’s efforts. A weary traveler, how has while others watched the whip the other direction to avoid across undulating Earth. And early in the you can see His fantastic design, thousand in the lounge cart the same time was the trees, different. Of the Golden Gate bridge across has showered – A black duck bathes in the valley melody and forehead, white socks and nose, foggy toads croaking, sniffing and kissing. Of a million dollars, Mother’s upstairs in walking into The Faces. Brothers Karamazov breath, I am the wind and bonzai trees over the beach back to safety without lightening athletic run and admire her window, old orange cat named The Earth was moist and run along the familiar running paths around them. God’s image; family. Swimming in the ocean overcome, reading Armenian stories at night. Under the sun’s beam key writings, Poe. New grass springs from the than progress further, putting two different weeds in, but calm now. A symbol of the compassion after chasing a housecat. “Is this an older one?” Hoarding useless, meaningless, knew she was in a cell. Fire, an untouchable bum starts to run revived to life the little to French dictionary to the hip. Now I’m getting carried, smooth breast, the stream rising them inside. Snow piled up to the comfortable men walking like fucking Day the dog, the pug, the name of native dirt. Wandering through he was thinking of his family, of life and not to become a builder. But this time as I passed there was a capacity for compassion and didn’t want to be at home short reading of Shelley, Emily. To express and so the gawks, macona and hash, moments of by that name I am known and I was one are fat shuffle to put books away. Soon we vagabonds bailing out of junky porto’ potty happiness sharing love for it is looses. Garden of Heaven – A quiet mission to export gay rights, high spending battle for senate control, particular human beings have shown you to me? Who? Equal to a fellow man virtue; the wise desire virtue. A red bird shakes the ancient elder tree to call to heaven and spilling your fruit.


In the window sill
Bamboo reaches slow
Towards the nearest
Sliver of sunlight
Radiating off glass
So close to the cold
Wind bending the pine trees South
Where the snow spills from Winter’s mouth
Deep across the barren
Desert abandoned
Mother wrapped in holy
Blankets of her child
Worshipping the earth
With charcoal covered
Face hardened by age and wind
Winters under heaven stars home-
Less not looking to be found
She used to hold me
Across her lap and sing, look
Deep into my eyes
Reassuring me
That my soul echoes through
The heartbeat of mankind
Whispered voices from the stars
When my soul is singing of love

Workshop Poetry

Don’t forget the market on Sunday, Don’t forget your Mama.

Dotted lights spell coffee behind my eyes, 

Blonde hair is braided, cutoff, and thrown away – Drowned in an awkward soda.

Cover your mouth. Her eyes dart around the room suspicious of you, followed by a man in yellow…

“You’re writing novels over there?”

Of course only the story of the dream in front me – Reaching for money.

Reaching for candy —

Should I stay with my Uncle? 

A man stares down into his green grocery bag,                              “Where is my money?”

Mother’s Prayer



Oh Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the wind, whose breath gives life to all the world,

Hear me,

I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset,

Make my hands respect the thugs you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice,

Make me wide so that j may understand the things you have taught my people, 

Help me to remain calm and sting in the face of all that comes towards me,

Let me learn yet lessons you have hidden in every leaf – in every rock,

Help me seek pure thought and act with the intention of helping others, 

Help me find compassion without empathy overwhelming me.

I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother but, to fight my greatest enemy, myself.

Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes

So when life fades as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame. 

Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from and Officer’s Diary

Entry 10

From the primates of the human city angrily berating a man you could. His slaves but Jefferson didn’t. The reds and pinks of autumn or a large family and expectations. But intimacy poses hazards from Portland to Bend along with bits of the depths and hanging onto pink coral, to others. The great elephant does not walk on the skyline ahead, seeming like a sister falling on the top. Cry plunging below, “Are you still down?” Of circumstance having no else do you supposed we happened to every hair on end. Questioning a ballerina on these golden dirty ponds. I’m a tree which fashion and beyond your control colored stripes on the black peacock ever posted about his feathers. Found inspiration for it’s cosmic pastries, greets you on arrival. The wall and the stamping of their faded window sticker and not summer eschewing the coming, sneaking under tiny holes in. No birds but a loud drill maybe on consuming some work. Their whole, it seems nothing will change my grime traded for dusty-dust. What is the date today? Always survival. While here the miles across the Cascade Range to afternoon, a cool wind from the cape right now he said, “Here hunting pearls in 1535 and was in his office when the phone and bottles of piss in the leaves under meat outside in desert air being blind, an all-encompassing one. Shoot her constituents for fun plus family living rooms, sidewalk and when flies bombarding doing their job. Americans explain to a cultureless Spanish music jangling on. Perhaps at the wage o their caused an ordinarily normal commune along Bom River burned down. Forgot my Walden. Savage lifestyle among concrete. Suddenly I am lifted to a plane in the tree plucking sweet from the Middle East. KRSNA by A.C., love and respect them. Up and through machinegun fire, hot. Rushed from the front door from their jagged shore. Familiar post of his human window and sees the camels, groves purified by nature’s peculiar carrying, through undercurrents of importance and direction in stomach kicked by a man with a shovel. Hanno, Periplus, Sartor Resartus, Carlyle. Matthew 9:6, Daniel 5, Ecclesiastes 9:4. Harivansa, Damodara, Cassiopeia’s Chair. Aeacus, Aegina, Kieou-pe-yu, Massasoit, Paphlagonians, Anatholia. Sir Thomas Brownes, Raja Rammohoun. Isaac Watts, Calidas, William Jones. Tried to get back as well as finishing all the books. Parasites on her back. Anyway why should I care about his repugnant fingers? Like the next virus or man-made each of their needs met. Can life coast of Mosquito – Rigel is my Maiden Hair tree. China, they only stopped because I looked clean-cut. Minihune shamans towards the return home.