Workshop Poetry

Don’t forget the market on Sunday, Don’t forget your Mama. Dotted lights spell coffee behind my eyes,  Blonde hair is braided, cutoff, and thrown away – Drowned in an awkward soda. Cover your mouth. Her eyes dart around the room suspicious of you, followed by a man in yellow… “You’re writing novels over there?” Of […]

Dream Into the Morning

An unobstructed path, dark, through great northern forest, far from life. Navigating, running, driving, dancing, through the trees, the same native song – one beautiful whisper between the trees and unending ocean, between waves and leaves… Falling? Am I falling in the northern forest? What I see is a detached body, human form, outside of […]

Tears Inside Endless Mind

“Where have you been?” You know, strolling down the highway, wandering mountain roads; alone. Scanning the horizon where the range bumps into sky. My destination volcanic groves of sharp stone singing like a bird, smoke coming from my nose without missing the ecstasy of fresh air, almost flying across the land. Imagining my death and […]

Fists Full of Sand: Excerpts from an Officer’s Diary

Entry 14 Saw a film of Kubo who could road that gets us all from A to B. Shown this black book another ladders to heaven. I will walk alongside that grant your soul to be free however hurricanes and waves encompassing me, my shoulder, and I fell asleep. We, paying 10 dollars a pack […]