Parson’s Green Station, London – 11:38 am

A woman, with a circular patch of freckles on the right side of her forehead, paces like a caged tiger vulnerable underground
Another with new braces (only had them for a month) walks with a man with a bicycle pump sticking out of his backpack – carrying a yoga mat
Young man buys cigarettes. Comments “Breakfast” before smiling to the cashier
An older couple walks near Shah Heer and Muhammad Noor
“He’s been messing me up for 50 years!” All smiles, “You mess ME up!”
A Javan tiger found in Indonesia
Guarding trails from Myanmar to Bangladesh
Walking with the woman Zahida Banoo and the baby on her breast


Queen Bee 2

My ol’ baby won’t be satisfied
Until I’m broken down and tired
My baby don’t look at me with those eyes
Until I’m crying
She’s by my side
My ol’ baby won’t be satisfied
Rooster calling in the backyard,
I can tell by the chill
In the bed that you are gone
She told me she was leaving
Told me she wanted to go – oho
Oh she said she wanna leave – ehh
Said she wanna go to Pheonix
I’m gonna call old Joe come midnight
Cut the brakes to her automobile
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The road to Pheonix is…
Oh my darling
Is a windy, twisted, hill
I whispered in the sheets
When I crawled next to her in the nighttime
Baby please don’t go, my darling don’t leave me
I don’t wanna see you take the wheel
Don’t leave me here
Don’t hurt my pride
I woke up in the morning that poor car was gone
Sugar the twisted road to Pheonix won’t carry you long
I gotta leave this place…
Find the ghost of my woman
She told me she was leaving that night
I called the man old Joe
And nothing stayed the same

Rosemary Vibrant


It’s like a dirty rain a
Shimmering silver shadow
I myself seek love
Inside of myself I am at sea
I am organic happening outside
Of this body
In the mind, I go home
Of the world, I am alone
A crow lands on electrical wire
A woodpecker, to the corner of a white van
Crow draws his calculus from tree to tree and
Woodpecker disappears
I gave her presents when she didn’t want them


He is gaping in the wet alleys
The outcast is astounded by the sun
She is in a trance, take her
By the arm
The vagabond buys wine and sits to watch
Just outside
The outcast watches the door
Watches his lover wear a mask he’s never
Seen before
He knows they’re in business
They’re in God business
He watches girls on roller skates
The outcast smells like alcohol and glass
The outcast is either too hung up
Or unconcerned with the past
And doesn’t mind whose eyes
Are in front of his
The wily researcher tries to figure
Which eyes belong to him
The outcast spits on himself
The outcast hides but from no one
Only to stay hidden
The outcast sees you as a mirror
He smiles like a jackal in faces of confusion
No one asks the outcast’s name
The outcast wears black or
No clothes at all
The outcast wears things from the too scary
Now stained and dirty
But with a little bit of water
You wouldn’t be able to tell
The outcast is a boy the outcast is a man
He is a woman in gold
You wouldn’t know
Whether you were being seduced or scared
You are a constantly hunted deer
The outcast is the trees
And witches hair from branch digits
The outcast is the life that lights the deep sea
The outcast is out past curfew in Houston
In puddles up to his knees
The outcast is jealous of jealousy