country grass in my hair xii

The bridge troll leaps across silent water
Plucking his sweet fate
He used to be a man
You couldn’t understand
Because of his grotesque face
And he leads the child soldiers
Down river
All that remains
The arrows of God


country grass in my hair iii

When I’m loose at night
And my body’s in pain
Have I found fame?
Ugly and weird without a name
Will you be kind?
A broken beetle
Drowned in a bottle
A wizard handed him wine
And down the cobblestone
When there was no sun
Is where he lost his mind
He witnessed quiet rivers in the middle of city and
Fires of Poverty Boys
Special groves far from winter
Splashing in an ivory tub
Queen of simple justice
Swinging flowers from above

Ghost or Shadowplay

Why this great divide?
Why all these pinecone rivers
Dropping into the endless ocean?
To carry us home…?
Why so much land in between?
Why so much road?
I watch my skin flex between freckles
Over immovable, twitching muscle
To the essence of mind falling
Home. Running
My fingers through the hair of the Invisible Cashier
On Brooks St.
I watched his locking muscles
After the shower with dripping hair.
In an instant, soft as a bell,
I’m no longer here.

Colonel Kurtz

One song
Separate song
Year of the eclipse
I don’t really care
Until it happens –
Look, meet me halfway
One song on rock to winded
Dreaming of farmer girls
And lonely seabirds –
A man
With grenade launcher in Vietnam,
Stands numb,
Can show you to Captain
In land with no captain
Talks plainly
Just stares
And the land where my
Grandfather’s ashes
Is worth millions
Future settlers of
America —
Admire the bridges
And small rooms, quiet homes
Tear down every building you can
See and start in the mud
It is hard to sing in the face
Of any face
A song of happiness
But it shows the best of our
Don’t give the wicked too much
Power – surely do not give
Your time away to Evil
Do not write of what should not be
Never stare the nighttime