A familiar deja vu flashing daily images

One million men across the country, eyes rolling, thinking of you – With disease,

A shining light reaches a dark mirror, hidden past crooked branches in the forest – Whose fingers peeled the scalp of a flying witch, and held her hair loosely by the nail.

A hound there, led by his master, watches the navy sky tirelessly

While gracious hunter peers past overgrown eyebrows.



“You’re so soft spoken it’s hard to hear. Atleast for an old man like me.”

What a bad animal.

A child paces up and down the aisles to catche a glimpse of schoolyard friend after saying hello. 

You have nice music to listen to here in the schoolyard foggy and empty, crying alone.

Who knows how long it will last?

The human body moves erotically behind a glass like an animal without a name.

” I totally forgot what I was after.”

What is my name?

Cowboy in a red apron stands underneath a silo in the orange folds of a purple evening, watching his children run away…

Who soon learn pain in the heart comes from leaving home too early and watching the only people that ever cared for you grow old in your absence.

And the din of your childhood home is depressing and no longer warm.

The Earth is eating the worms.