country grass in my hair v

My mind reflects a stage
My Mama tricks her brain
My hero has no cape
I feel, then go insane
I touch and it goes blank
You stare at me, without a name
I’m begging you
To restrain, the shaking of lips
How can I complain?
A mocking test-kiss
My mind reflects a stage
My Mama tricks her brain
My Papa is a bastard
Put me in a basket
Pushed me in the ocean
Left me cold and lonely
A cricket guide my swelling pride
Through a thicket to stars

country grass in my hair iv

Unconscious I put a screen
Over my blue veins
I screamed quiet whispers
In my pillow
When the wind came
And thunder shook windows
Blue above my door
And simple things I hear
Brooks of blue
I’m lost in you
Echo in my ear
Your last tears I’m sorry for you
Who I took
And your lost life
Once I got here I forgot
What’s the game?
I’m a monkey
Watch the circus
See my cage

country grass in my hair iii

When I’m loose at night
And my body’s in pain
Have I found fame?
Ugly and weird without a name
Will you be kind?
A broken beetle
Drowned in a bottle
A wizard handed him wine
And down the cobblestone
When there was no sun
Is where he lost his mind
He witnessed quiet rivers in the middle of city and
Fires of Poverty Boys
Special groves far from winter
Splashing in an ivory tub
Queen of simple justice
Swinging flowers from above

country grass in my hair ii

She’s a dog in the night
When I’m feeling scared
But please don’t pull my hair
Lunar Woman with your champagne eyes
Will you be my friend?
Crazy sexy zebra
Tomorrows never coming
Let me take your hand
Cruising to the future with my Baby Jewel
Bound to strike a planet
Comet speed I’ll run for you
His cotton goose going to another land
And plain white heaven you can see
Her face has lost all color
A happy smile
And the lonely tree on river

country grass in my hair i

A fearless goose
Whose rider’s features are drowned
Beneath the wind
And torn from this life
Like a sliding satellite
Throws a noose across a gate
My faded broken limbs
And still like a boy
Treats the world with royal joy
See Moth King attack Cat in Black
Wooden house in heat of night
My mango leaves
Is attracting bees
Tiptoeing on water
Body stiff as dead flowers
We can go as we please


Red trumpet
With the coolest man in history
Behind silver mouthpiece
Raw nerve lies exposed
In blue, pianist praying mantis
Improvising on keyboard in head wrap & glasses
Shorter just keeps going… going…
Bass transfixed, almost hypnotized,
Dripping sweat, drums roll across
Bursting forth
Giving birth to thunder
Jumping from their chairs
Color red streaks across now, cool,
Drum snaps… snaps…
Check mouthpiece, wipe the sweat
Stretch jaw, pause
Beautiful music
They bow away from the mic and nod
They adjust the knobs switch instruments
Stay silent
Die and come alive again

Ghost or Shadowplay

Why this great divide?
Why all these pinecone rivers
Dropping into the endless ocean?
To carry us home…?
Why so much land in between?
Why so much road?
I watch my skin flex between freckles
Over immovable, twitching muscle
To the essence of mind falling
Home. Running
My fingers through the hair of the Invisible Cashier
On Brooks St.
I watched his locking muscles
After the shower with dripping hair.
In an instant, soft as a bell,
I’m no longer here.

Across the Table

Why did you cry on a wooden bridge watching old war planes fly over the river, feeling the rumble, the sound of propellers that drove thoughts of young men in World War II?
The destruction of the bomb (war) on unsuspecting geese who lead ducklings into water, calling attention to nature, forgotten by machine. Am I the river it’s elf? Timeless, swept away